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The Miracle Is Here: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner...

Summer of last year, I went from having a long, curly hair to a semi-pixie cut.  Why? Simple.  My hair wasn't able to keep up with the sandpit's desalinated water. It got so dry, brittle and the hair fall became so crazy.  In as much as I wanted to keep my hair long after growing it out for years, I had no choice but to cut it really short. 

Now, after almost a year of sporting a short 'do, I am again contemplating on growing out my hair.  But I'm scared that the same thing will happen all over again.  Sayang ang effort sa pagpapahaba.  Kaya huwag na lang.

Then I got first dibs on a miracle hair product that is soon to hit the stores in PH (and hopefully here in the UAE).  If you are following me on Instagram, you'd know that I've been posting teasers of this product that is said to have gained the title of being the first #Cosmo BeautyCrush in PH. Wow!  It must be really that good.  

So my loves, I give you this one hair product that would make you believe in miracles…the Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner:

My Sample Room family sent me samples (which aren't really samples by the way!) to try. Unfortunately, I'm already here in the UAE so I asked my Aunt to review it for me.  She loves colouring her hair almost every month and you know what happens when you expose your hair to chemicals that often.  She happily agreed to use it and report the outcome after several days.

The first thing I noticed with the product is its packaging.  It comes in a sleek, gold tube. Ang sosyal!  

The consistency of the product is thick, unlike that of a usual conditioner. I usually see this kind of consistency in intensive conditioners packaged in tubs.  

I asked her about the smell and she said it smells good. Kinda fruity-sweet, but not overly sweet. 

 I asked her to immediately use the product right after she got it. The funny thing was, she said she already took a bath.  I begged her to shower again and use it. I was just too excited to see the results!

And now, the before and after photos:

Left: Before using the product
Right: After 3 days of using the product

 After seeing the photos, I just had to ask my Aunt if she had her hair coloured again. She said she didn't and that she only used the conditioner and combed her hair. (laughs)  Seriously, I was just so wow-ed! Without the frizziness, the color of her hair just really popped out.  If the product can have that effect after just 3 days of usage, how much more if you use it continuously?

As per instruction, you apply this on your hair after you rinse off your shampoo.  Let it stay on for 3 minutes, then rinse. According to my aunt, she really enjoyed using it. She instantly felt the smoothness upon application and after rinsing, she said her hair feels like it has been coated with something because it became so soft and smooth.  I had to ask her if it's easy to rinse off because the product consistency is thick and she said yes.  She also said her hair didn't feel heavy or looked oily at all.  Para akong nagpa-hotoil, she said. "Malambot, mabango at behaved ang buhok ko the whole day!" Commercial-worthy ang testimonial, yes!?

Another good thing about this product is that it's affordable. It comes in 3 sizes too:  70ml/Php 59, 180ml/Php 159 and 340ml/Php 259.

I guess my Aunt really liked the product because she asked if she can keep the other tube too. Hahahaa. Fine, Ma (I call her Mama, by the way). You can keep it. Besides, the product will be available in stores in the Philippines by February. I'm just not sure when it will become available here in the UAE though. And since I'm pretty sure it will take a long while, magpapabili na lang ako sa Pinas and ask them to ship it to me. I ain't got the patience, yah know! (laughs)

Now for those who wants to try this product for free, you can get samples from Sample Room. It's free, and I mean absolutely free because for this product, SHIPPING is also FREE (but for a limited time only).

Also, it is now already being sold in Zalora at 50% off.

Lastly, I asked my Aunt if she's going to ditch her usual conditioner for this one. And she said, YES!  Geesh, I can't wait to get my hands on this miracle hair product.  I'm pretty sure I'll make the switch too! And who knows, I might just have the guts to grow out my hair once again.

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