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Viseart Lip Palette in Muse Nude 01: Swatches + Review...

I surely hope that by now you already know that when it comes to lip color, I love nudes. To date, my favourites would include MAC Peachstock, Rimmel Undressed and The Morning After from Happy Skin.  Take me to the lipsticks section in a makeup counter and you'd see me trying on different shades of nudes. I still think they look better on me than bright pinks or reds. Maybe you'd say I'm boring, but well, that's just how I am when it comes to lip color.

I remember one time when I actually wished for a lipstick palette with all nude shades in it.  I did come up with a DIY lipstick palette in the past but because I ought to use it for my makeup gigs, it has a variety of shades in it.  I did think of creating a palette of nudes too, but my katamaran got in the way and so I never got the chance to do it.

So, I'm pretty sure you know how ecstatic I was when I finally got hold of my wish…a lipstick palette of Nude shades!

Viseart Lip Palette in Muse Nude 01

When I first saw this online via DTCMakeup, it got me so excited.  "I have to have that," I told myself. But even after a number of orders made, I still didn't buy it. Why?  Nagkukuripot! (laughs)  This baby costs Php3800 and I told myself, with that amount, I'd rather buy something else.  I tried to convince myself that I don't need a lipstick palette since I won't be doing makeup on other people anyway.  All I need are backups of my favourite nude lipsticks and I'm good.  

But when I got my hands on this baby, I was like, "GAAAAHHH…Why did I have to wait all this time!?"

This palette for me, is my lips' heaven on earth!  Fine, OA na. But seriously, I don't think I'd ever need to reach out for my other lippies now that I have this.

Now here comes the swatches:

 Shades 1 to 4
(Top Row, Left to Right)

Shades 5 to 8
(Middle Row, Left to Right)

Shades 9 to 12
(Bottom Row, Left to Right)  

And now on my lips (please excuse the dry lips, I just got too excited I didn't exfoliate prior to swatching):

Shade #1

Shade #2

Shade #3

Shade #4

Not much difference on shades 3 and 4 on my lips?  I think so too. But on the pan and on the swatches on my hand, shade #4 is a tad darker. 

Shade #5

Shade #6

I think this is the closest shade to my favourite, MAC Peachstock, when layered to an opaque finish.

Shade #7

Shade #8

This one looks reminds me of Happy Skin's Honeymoon Glow.

Shade #9

Shade #10

Shade #11

Shade #12

My favourite shades are 6, 10, 11 and 12 and I think you can pretty much wear these colours by themselves.  I find the others either to ligh or zombie-ish on me so I mix it with the other colours. I do the same for the other colours that I find too dark on my lips.

I don't find these to be drying on the lips but it's still better to exfoliate first to ensure smooth and flawless application. While others are too sheer, there are also some shades that have amazing pigmentation in just one swipe. I suggest you apply them lightly at first then apply another layer, and then another until you are satisfied with the coverage. They don't feel heavy on the lips and not sticky either!  Staying power is good as It pretty much lasts on my lips for a good 3-4 hours without retouching.  

I also love that they are fragrance-free, paraben-free, silicon-free, mineral oil-free, contain organic ingredients and lastly, they don't test on animals!   

If you are looking for a great lip palette of nudes, check out this one. There are shades that will suit from the fairest to the deepest of skin tones and for those with warm, neutral and cool undertones.  It's the perfect palette for bridal, IMHO.  With 12 amazing shades, the possibilities are endless!

Now I wish these shades come in lipstick tubes, as it can be a hassle to bring the whole palette plus a lip brush when I go out.  But still, I am happy to finally have this in my life.  I should've gotten it earlier. 

shades 11 and 12 on my lips

Honestly, when I first heard of Viseart,, I didn't really think they are good.  I actually found them expensive, which I think is really weird because I have some palettes which only has 4 shades and actually costs more.  Maybe because I didn't know the brand is sikat. But now that I have this and the matte eyeshadows palette (which I use almost everyday), I can say their products are really good and indeed worth checking out.  

I don't think the brand is available in stores both in PH and here in the UAE. But if you are in PH, you can get Viseart (and a whole lot of other brands) from Digitaltraincase.

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