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Dining at Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Whenever me and my family goes to Subic, the trip won't be complete without having a meal at Sakura. I can say that Japanese cuisine is one of my faves, next to Filipino, of course.  So when Mr. X and I went home to the Philippines last December, Mom made sure I'll have my fill of Japanese food from Sakura.

while waiting for our food

Look at my face, can you see that I am so kilig? Not because I'm seated next to hubby, but because in just a few minutes, I'd be stuffing myself with food. Hahaha!

My I-forgot-the-name Ramen

I was feeling a bit under the weather that time and at the same time craving for a good, hot ramen so I ordered this.  It's so flavorful and has the right spicy-ness.  If you don't know yet, I like spicy food. I have some Bikolana blood in me, that's probably why.

California Maki

Seriously, what's a mean in a Japanese rest without having California Maki?

Tuna Sashimi

Between this and Salmon sashimi, I'd go for tuna. I think we ordered two of this. Don't ask why.

not sure what this one was, my guess is Seafood Ramen

We're tired of the usual Japanese salad so we got this instead. That's tuna, lettuce, cucumber inside a soft wrapper. I particularly like the dip.  

Uni Sushi

Don't even think that I ordered this one. This is my Mom's favourite. I don't think I will ever be able to eat it in this lifetime, or the next.

Ebi Tempura

I love that the batter doesn't taste like flour.  


My Aunt's favorite. I don't usually eat a noodle dish with fat noodles, but yakiudons are an exception.  


Another favourite of mine to order in a Jap resto. But for some reason, this was just so-so. Maybe I'd try their steamed next time.

Miso Soup

Mom's not into ramen but she'll definitely order a miso soup whenever she gets the chance. 

Wagyu Rice

Mr. X ordered this and when it came, I was "Where's your ulam?"  I know there are already beef tidbits, egg, etc mixed but honestly, I don't like my ulam mixed with my kanin. I even said "Ang lungkot naman ng food mo, to think na Php450 na yan?" Hahaha.

Wagyu Steak

Just so the hubby can escape from being bullied by me, we ordered for Wagyu Steak as per the waitress' recommendation. It tastes so good and the meat is so tender. But we didn't know it costs almost Php4000! 

And of course, for dessert...

Red Bean Green Matcha Ice Cream

Geesh, just looking at this photo makes me drool. I'd choose this over my all-time favorite Quezo Real ice cream from Selecta.

We were so in really busog!  I initially thought of grabbing some coffee from Starbucks after dinner but I don't think my tummy still has space left. We had to stay for 15 minutes inside the restaurant after paying our bill because I couldn't move!  Parang puputok ang tyan ko.  Which by the way usually happens whenever we eat there.

This is how our tummy felt like that night

Thank God for selfie pods, we had a good laugh taking our selfies:

Kami na ang aliw na aliw sa selfie!

Going back to the Wagyu Steak: When we paid our bill we didn't really check the breakdown but we kept the receipt. It amounted to almost 12k and we found it still okay because: 1) it's an authentic Japanese Restaurant, 2) we ordered a lot  (some of the food I wasn't able to take photos of because well, I became busy eating)  and 3) the food was really good.  The next day, Mr. X checked the receipt and to his shock, he saw that the steak costs almost 4k nga.  Kaloka!  So I told him, Wagyu is a special kind of beef because it comes from specially-fed cows. They don't undergo stress that's why their meat tastes so good.  To which he replied, "Yeah, di nga sila na-sstress. Pero nakakastress ang presyo nila." Hahahaha.

Note to ourselves: Check for the price before ordering just so we won't get shocked when we see the bill.

Still, Sakura is my favorite Japanese Restaurant.  They have an extensive menu and most of their dishes are for sharing. Their staff are attentive and accommodating and you don't have to wait too long for your food. Given that they serve authentic Japanese cuisine, their prices are affordable. Well, their Wagyu steak isn't but I think that's the usual pricing for anything Wagyu.  I am still months away from my next vacation in the Philippines but I already asked my Mom to bring me there again.  

Sakura Japanese Restaurant
Lot 5 Times Square Bldg. corner Sta. Rita Road
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222
Olongapo City, Philippines

Here in Dubai, I haven't tried a Japanese restaurant that comes close to Sakura. Care to give me some recommendations?

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