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Kiss-proof Your Lips with Rimmel Provocalips 1Hr Kiss Proof Lip Colour

People say that one should not expect. So when things go the way you want them to be, you wouldn't end up being disappointed, hurt, or angry even. But I think it's human nature to expect or at least hope for something better. In as much as we don't want to make ourselves believe on something good that will  happen, because we don't want to get disappointed just in case they don't, we still do.  And no matter how much we say we won't get hurt in case things don't work on our favor, we still do.  Geesh, is it just me or sadyang lang talaga maging normal na tao?

I've expected a few things over the weekend, and well, I ended up disappointed.  I don't even want to elaborate about it but if there's one thing that didn't fail on my expectations, it would be these Provocalips lipcolors from Rimmel.
(let's just talk about makeup na lang, shall we?)

I went gaga over the brand's Apocalips Lip Lacquers last year (review here) that I got myself  some colors and my girl friends back in PH as pasalubong when I went home for a vacation.    The pigmentation is amazing and the staying power is so good but since I have this bad habit of licking my lips I've always hoped for a lip color that will really last. Something that won't fade, won't bleed and is transfer-proof and ahem, kiss-proof. There are a lot of brands that offer long lasting lip colors but though I have liked some of them because they really last, I haven't found a brand that my lips will be really comfortable wearing for hours. So when I came across this new line (not really new though since they have been out in the market for months) from Rimmel, I knew I had to check it out. So I did.

Rimmel London Provocalips 16Hr Kiss Proof Lip Colour
(AED 47/each at Boots)

Unlike the Apocalips, these come in a dual-ended packaging. One end has the lip color while the other end has the shine-boosting clear gloss that is also designed to lock in the color.

Skinny Dipping - I'll Call You - Play With Fire

I wanted to get all the colors, I think there are 8 available here in the sandpit, but decided to just get three. 

Skinny Dipping

Of course, I just had to make sure to get something nude! If I didn't, then there is seriously something wrong with me. (laughs) This goes on sheer and you have to apply a number of layers if you want an opaque finish. It does remind me of Apocalips Nude Eclipse but this one's a bit more brown-toned. I hate that this tend to settle on the lines on my lips.  So next time I'd be wearing it, I'll make sure I'll moisturise my lips ng bongga!

I'll Call You

A medium-toned pink which somehow reminds me of Apocalypse Nova but I like this shade better. I've worn it for a number of times already in the office and it didn't make me feel like my puckers are screaming "I LOOK PINK!" Unlike Skinny Dipping, just two layers of this one is enough for an opaque finish.

Let's Play With Fire

Now my lips are definitely screaming RED! But guess what, I love it.  It reminds me of MAC Russian Red which is a blue-toned kind of red.  It instantly brightens up my face and among the three shades that I got, this one is the most opaque.

the other end which has the color-locking clear gloss

Here are comparison photos of my lips with just the lip color and with both the lipcolor and the gloss:

So are they really transfer-proof? Hell yes!  
Are they kiss-proof?  I think so!  Though I didn't have any hardcore kissing with this on, I seriously think it won't budge at all. 

Both ends have a doe-foot applicator so using it is easy-peasy. To use: Apply the lip color and let it sit on your lips for 60 seconds, make sure you don't press your lips together then apply the gloss. 

Here's a photo of my lips after wearing I'll Call You from 8am until 10pm:

Take note that I have applied both the color and the gloss ONCE, no retouching ever.  I had multiple cups of coffee, drank soda straight from the can and had 2 full meals and some snacking in between.  The color has worn off on the inside part of my lips, but considering everything it went through during the day, I think this is okay.  Maybe if I had done some retouching it won't be as bad as this. 

Now how about the removal?  Well, I've tried removing it with the Bioderma Sensibio and it didn't budge at all. I did a bit of scrubbing then I thought of using a makeup remover wipes and voila, it went off easily.  I've read that this goes off with a cleansing oil but I forgot that I have one so I settled with just the wipes.

Overall, I really like these.  I like the 1) packaging, 2) the color payoff as it goes on sheer at first but can be built to your desired opaque finish so you don't have to worry about applying too much on the first swipe, 3) the fact that I don't have to worry about my lipstick getting transferred on wherever I get my lips on and 4) that it stays looking good for longer hours.  5) Price is not bad as well.  I'm thinking of getting the other colors next time. But please don't tell the husband. (laughs)

6) When worn, you still feel you have lipstick on, but it is not as heavy as some long-lasting lipsticks I have tried and lastly, 7) it's not that drying.  Well, it does make my lips look dry when I wear it for more than 10hrs but my lips don't feel dry at all. 

One thing I don't like? I think the applicator for the gloss gets such a little amount of product that I have to dip a number of times get my entire lips coated.  Hindi naman malaki ang labi ko so I don't think my lips is the problem. 

(checks on my lips)

Well, hindi naman talaga malaki.
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