Sunday, February 15, 2015

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Perfume Launch in Dubai

I can hardly remember the last time I was able to attend an event in Dubai.  Aside from I don't get invites that often, it also happens that if I do, it's always on a weekday and during office hours. Bummer, right!?  So when I got an invite to attend a perfume launch that will be held on a Thursday and after office hours, I knew I just had to be there.  Besides, I need to get my mind off a lot of things.  I need some fresh air, I need to meet new friends...I am in a bad need of a social life!

The event was for the launch of Roberto Cavalli Paradiso perfume.  It was held in a posh, private villa at Hotel Sofitel in Dubai. The place was transformed into a natural paradise to reflect the very characteristic of Paradiso itself: colorful, sophisticated, joyful, a celebration of the Mediterranean dolce vita and all of its pleasures.  

 It was a chilly, Thursday night but with a backdrop as beautiful as the above, it felt like Summer's already here.

Guests were given a chance to have their photo taken with these two exotic birds. I got scared at first because one of them hopped his way too near to my face that I thought he's going to poke me in the eyes. Apparently, he was just drawn to my colorful falsies that our friends from Havas gave and personally applied to most of the lady guests.

It was an awesome night of music, good food and a whole lot of booze.

Seriously, there was a whole lot!

My fix of alcohol that night. 

There was even an entertaining and jaw-dropping showcase of magic:

There's a lot of dancing..

I got to meet new friends too!

And finally met Paul of The Style Choreo in the flesh!

The party was also graced by the face of the perfume herself, the gorgeous Edita Vilkeviciute. She was represented as a modern Eve in the garden of Eden during the campaign shot.

I've wanted to have a photo with her, but I was too shy. Oh well, that's me!  During these times, I miss my blogger friends back in PH. They always know how to boost my confidence.  For sure, they wouldn't let me pass off this chance.

Amidst the amazing party was the star of the night, the Roberto Cavalli perfume called Paradiso.  

Paradiso elevates pleasure while radiating delight and happiness. The titillating prelude of sparkling citrus blends generously with bergamot and sweet mandarin orange, stirring and captivating the senses. Adding a note of voluptuous sensuality, wild jasmine trails the fresh opening. A delicate, rich chord of cypress, pink laurel and parasol pine closes the beautiful fragrance, creating a long-lasting woody trail and revealing a mesmerizing effect of the Jasmine.

As per Roberto Cavalli himself,  "Paradiso is about a moment of happiness. I wanted to give a feeling of that instant when you feel totally at ease."

Available officially on counters starting March 2015. Prices are AED465 for 100ml and AED375 for 50ml.

One sniff and I fell inlove. Even the husband says it smells good. I'd post a separate review on this baby soon, but for now, I'll say this scent is SEXY.

Thanks to our friends in Havas for inviting me to such an awesome event.  They really know how to make their guests enjoy as I heard the party lasted until early morning. I wish I could've stayed longer, but the lola in me longed for the bed before midnight, hahaha! I'll brush up on my partying mood for the next event, I promise!

Before I end this post, let me just show you a closer view of my awesome falsies that night:

and what I wore: 

 Honestly, I felt different that night.  Everybody was at their absolute best, while me? Ahhhm, I don't know, I felt too balot.  Hahaha. But what can I do? I was cold.  But seriously, I am in a bad need of some fashion advice. Like, badly.

 By the way, belated Happy Hearts Day my loves! If you haven't gotten the special woman or women in your life a gift, check out this new scent from Roberto Cavalli. Trust me, they will love it!

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