Thursday, March 19, 2015

Get To Know More About Me...

Today I’m going to post something non-beauty related. I’ll be telling you some random things about myself. No, I wasn’t tagged by somebody to do this. I just want you to know a bit more about me, beyond my addiction to makeup.  So if you want to know something more personal about me, read on. If not, close this page and go kill yourself. Hahhaa, I’m kidding!

Let's start...

1.  My name is Anne Brigitte, but my nickname is Jheng. Please don’t ask why or how it came to be. Should you insist, I’d give you my Mom’s contact number and go ask her yourself. Haha! This is just one of those things included in the “Eh-kasi-gusto-ng-nanay-ko” list.

2.  I don’t like my name. I find Anne too simple and Brigitte reminds me of a malanding bakla or nagbabata-bataang lola.  I wish my name is something like Rebecca or Margaux. Or a name with a boyish nickname like Georgina so I can be called George, or Josephine so I’ll have Joey for a nickname.

3.  I am not a 100% Pinay.  My mom is a mix of Filipino, Japanese and Spanish.  And my dad? Nevermind. ^_^

4.  In relation to #4: I grew up without a dad.  Mom said he died even before I was born, or was it a few months after? I can’t remember. She said lumubog daw ang barko. Ang tragic di ba.  I only know stories of him from my Titos and Titas, like how he’s fond of bringing a sack of toys and tons of food whenever he would visit. That I kinda look like him, that he’s mabait and that he doesn’t know how to speak Tagalog, only English. But no, he’s not an American. 

5.  I grew up with my grandparents and my Tita while Mom was in abroad working. Growing up, I get so inggit with my classmates whose parents attend PTA meetings and any other school activities.  It was my Lolo who attended PTA meetings and more often than not, he’s the only grandparent who attends.

6.  I was baptized in Catholic but I wasn’t able to attend my first communion. Heck, I haven't had my confirmation yet.  Why? My Lolo’s a Protestant and at that time, he didn’t want me to go to the Catholic church to hear mass. Lagi tuloy ako absent whenever our teacher in Religion checks for attendance during Sunday mass. 

7. I almost got baptized in Iglesia ni Kristo because that was my step-dad's religion. But when he died, Mom decided not to pursue it. Besides, the only reason why we thought of joining INC was my step-dad.

8.  I am the first apo, and the most favorite (assumera to the max!) Well, even my Titos and Titas said so.  I still remember how my Lolo used to carry me during floods even if I’m already wearing rainboots and raincoat. People in our street call me the “Prinsesa ni Senyor.” One time there was no water in the neighborhood and people had to use the posofor bathing and washing.  When it was my turn, I couldn’t see people around and so I asked my Lolo why, he said that he doesn’t want people to see his apo taking a bath in the public. So he told them to stay indoors while I’m at the poso. Mind you, I was only Grade 4 that time! Nene pa and well, I was wearing clothes while bathing paAng protective ng Lolo ko.  He brings me to school in the morning and picks me up after, everyday. Kahit pa my school was just on the opposite side of our street. I was not allowed to cross the street by myself. But all of that changed when I was in highschool. I became the pasaway na apo, and had a number of arguments with my Lolo.  But despite everything, I loved my Lolo so much and I know he loved me too.

9.  I don’t know how to swim. I didn’t even bother taking up swimming lessons. Why? Because instructors require students to be in swimsuits. And I hate wearing swimsuits.

10.  I didn’t go straight to college after I graduated from highschool. Instead, I took up some computer lessons and also tried working at Jollibee, which only lasted for a month. Mom didn’t want me to study in Manila but sent me to Baguio after being a tambay for a year. Yes, weird ang Mom ko. LOL!

11.  I was supposed to take up Psychology as my pre-med, but during enrollment, Mom insisted on me taking Computer Science instead. On my second year, I contemplated on taking up Dentistry but when I learned how expensive the course is and later, on setting up a clinic, I decided to stay with my course. Buti na lang din, because I was able to join a number of big and prestigious companies because of what I took up in college.

12.  I’ve had a number of jobs in the past. I started working as a Research Analyst, then a Technical Assistant, then a Teacher (yes, I used to teach in a university in Manila!), then a call center representative before finally started working back in IT as a Test Analyst.  After being unemployed for more than 8 months here in the UAE, I got a job as a tester. I eventually left that position and now I’m working as an EA in a government, still here in the UAE. I’ll have more kwento about this on another post.

13.  I started so late with makeup.  I think I started playing and experimenting with makeup when I was already on my 2nd year of working. In my kikay kit before, you can only find an eyebrow pencil, a face powder, lash curler, mascara and lip balm.  That’s it. When I started getting stressed with work, I also started buying makeup as my stress reliever. It didn’t have to be high-end, okay na ako sa Ever Bilena hahha.  My so-called collection grew and so my ex-boyfie, now my husband, sent me to a makeup school so I can put my makeup to use. He didn’t know that it will  be the start of more gastos and addiction. Hahaha!

14.  For 14 years, I was the only child. When I was on my 3rd year highschool, my half-sister was born. I wasn’t used to having a baby in the house and I was used to being the only baby, so it was a really big adjustment. I also felt out-of-placed. I mean, there’s a Mom and a Dad (my step-dad) and a new baby. I felt like I was not a member of the family. It was really hard for me. But nevertheless, I loved having a sister (and I still do!) I remember trying my best to go home early from school so I can take the afternoon nap with her. I love putting my baby sister to sleep on my chest. My sister and I have a huge age gap but we are close.  I love her to bits! But of course I also wish I can just strangle her neck at times. Haha!

15.  Next to shopping for makeup, I love, love, love to eat! I eat almost anything…ala ako kaselan-selan sa pagkain. I can eat anywhere too! I still remember lining up in jolly-jeeps when I still working in Makati. Kasehodang naka-business attire pa!  But still I cannot, for the life of me, eat OKRA!

16.  I always carry a handkerchief. I can’t go out of the house without one.  I feel so kulang without it.  Ala-Vilma Santos ang peg.

17.  I am a hermit during weekends. I’d rather stay at home to sleep, eat then sleep again, watch movies online than go out partying or malling. People think I’m a party-animal, but no, I am not. I had my share of those moments, yes, but I’m so over that. Hello, I’m turning 26 in less than two months. Yes, I am turning 26, violent reactions not welcome.

18.  I don’t really like eating bananas. I think I eat a banana once a month...sapilitan pa yon!

19.  One item you’d always find in my makeup kit is a pack of oil-blotting sheets. My face is an oil mine!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good brand of oil-blotting sheets here in the UAE, so I still get mine from the Philippines.

20.  I don’t like wearing dark shades of lipsticks, just because I don’t think I look good in them. My forever shades of lipsticks would be forever Peachstock and Please Me, both from MAC.  And yes, HappySkin's The Morning After.

21.  If there’s one makeup item I couldn’t live without, it would be eyebrow makeup. I look like an alien without eyebrows! I am still contemplating on having the Brow Resurrection done.  I really want to, but I have a number of things I need to prioritize nowadays when it comes to spending money on.

22.  Believe it or not, I have a low self-confidence.  I’ve always been too critical of myself. I always think that I am not good in anything. If there’s one thing I’d be great on, I’d say it’s just pure luck. Back in school, I’d tell my seatmate the answer to the teacher’s question just because I was too shy to be standing up in class with everybody looking and listening to what I’d be saying. Now you might be thinking, if you have a low self-confidence how come you’ve been posting a lot of selfies/photos online? Well, I don’t really worry about the way I look. Not that because I am pretty or whatever but because I don’t really care of how I look. I wear makeup because I want to please myself and not anybody else. So yes, I don’t really mind showing the entire world how I look without makeup. My lack of self-confidence comes from something deeper. I am afraid to take the lead, but when asked to do so, I will be glad to do it. But to make the first move, or to be assertive, I just can’t.

23.  I had my first boyfriend at the age of 14, and he’s the same guy I married 16 years after. We broke up a lot of times in the past, so yes, he’s not my one and only boyfriend.  We’ve been married for 5 years now but for almost 4 years we were in an LDR because I was in PH while he works here in the UAE.

24.  I love to cook as much as I love to eat. I believe that you cannot be a good cook if you don’t love to eat. Hmm, I love to eat so does that mean I am a good cook? Ask my husband. Hahaha!

25.  Pink is not my favorite color, it’s green and black.

26. If there’s something I can eat everyday for the rest of my life, it would be fried galunggong.  That and pinakbet, oh Lord!  I think I am the worst version of myself pag ito ulam namin. Pataygutom ang peg!

27.  I’ve been blogging for more than 7 years now and mostly, it’s about Beauty. I’d love to do Fashion kaso Fashion doesn’t like me. My outfits are boring and my choices when it comes to clothes are so limited. No sleeveless, no ganito ganyan. Self-imposed naman.

28.  Contrary to what most people would think, I am not mataray. I’m friendly and easy to talk to. Blame it on my eyebrows and to my mataray na aura.  But yes, I am a nice person. Sometimes I think I’m being too nice that I end up being abused.  Give lang ng give. Also, I am not maarte. My being made up on most days doesn’t equate to being maarte.

29.  I am not comfortable talking in English.  I am not fluent.  My vocabulary is limited. And it sucks because now that I’m working abroad, English is the primary language for communication. Kwentuhan na lang, English pa din. English pa more, nosebleed pa more.

30.  I’m moody.  But usually my mood alternates between being happy and emo lang naman.  Minsan, war-freak mode but after some time, I’d be back to my usual perky, happy mood. A friend once told me mashado akong moody baka daw bipolar ako. Ang harsh, no?She’s no longer my friend now. Wahahha!

31. I want to have a baby soon. As in real soon. But the thing is, I have issues and I can’t conceive the natural way. I have to go through a lot. It sucks because I have this thinking that being able to have a child is the essence of being a woman (ala-Sushmita Sen) and here I am not being able to.  I feel so useless. Again, this added to my reasons to have a low self-esteem. I feel inutil for not being able to do something that should be normal for women. But I know to end up with that kind of feeling would bring me no good so instead of magmukmok, I’d do something about it.  I am doing something about it. I’ll make kwento one of these days.

Whoa! Sorry this turned out to be a very long post. But I wish you've read through just so you'd know a little more about me.  I think from now on, I'm going to have some posts that aren't beauty-related on this blog. I used to write on a separate blog whenever I feel like I'm a bida in a drama teleserye. But I don't think I can handle maintaining two blogs at this point.    So I'll just have everything here in Iambrigitte. Besides, this blog is supposed to be all about Me. 

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shoutingwind said...

Nosebleed pa more! haha

Unknown said...

Hahahaha! Kapagod eh. ^_^ shoutingwind

** elgee** said...

Wow.. I like how you shared your life with us. Im sure you're a true person. :)

Unknown said...

ikaw na tlga... miss talking to you!! inshalla magkikita din tayo!!! ^_^

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