Monday, March 23, 2015

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Shanghai Sizzle and Parisian Passion

It's a Monday once again, my loves!  And though today isn't everybody's favourite, let's try to be more positive here shall we?  I know it sucks because it's the start of another work week for others, mine started yesterday though I didn't come in to work, so technically my work week starts today as well.  But time flies so fast, it's gonna be the weekend again before we know it.  And it's gonna be payday weekend for me so yes, I can't wait!

If there's one drugstore brand that I have featured the most on this blog, it has got to be Revlon. It's no surprise since I really love the brand.  It's one of the makeup brands that I've played with when I started with makeup.  If I remember it right, my first Revlon product is the lippie in the shade Pink in the Afternoon.  Was it that or the Colorstay liquid foundation? Ugh, old age. Tee-hee!  Anyway for today, let me do the pleasure of featuring the brand once again. 

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain
(AED 57)
Enriched with a new formula, these moisture stains offer the shine of a lipgloss, the hydration of a lip balm, the wear of a lip stain and the colour intensity of the lipstick.

Out of the 12 available shades, I was able to get 2:

Shanghai Sizzle - Parisian Passion

See how uberly pigmented these babies are?  

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Shanghai Sizzle

A shockingly red orange when swatched but is actually wearable on the lips. I am not a fan of orange-reds so I am totally not crushing on this one but I'm sure my Mom would be ecstatic to have it. 

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion

Now, this one I am definitely diggin'! It looks extremely dark in the tube, but when swatched and worn on the lips, it's a pretty raspberry red in a semi-opaque finish. This reminds me of my MAC Diva lipstick but less pigmented and yes, a lot more sheer and shiny.  Weird, but I find such colors to work better on me than reds. Even the husband says so!  

The texture of this lippies are thick, but surprisingly not sticky. They might look goopy, but not as heavy as I expect them to be on the lips.  The two shades that I got aren't that opaque in one go but you can absolutely layer them. 

These lippies remind me of a lip lacquer: a lipstick and a lipgloss hybrid. They are definitely moisturizing on the lips so I don't apply a lip balm prior to applying this. As for the staying power, it stays on for a good 2-3hrs or until I take a meal or a drink. Out of the two shades that I have, only the Parisian Passion leaves a stain. Maybe I need to apply more of the Shanghai Sizzle the next time I use it?  

I am not a fan of really shiny lip colours so honestly, I am not going gaga over these. I also have this bad habit of biting/licking my lips unconsciously and these aren't transfer-proof so just imagine yours truly smiling with lipstick stains all over my teeth. Not a pretty sight, really.  If I want to use this, I just apply a tiny weeny bit on top of another lip colour to give it some shine.  

How about you? Tried and liking this, or hating it? 
Let me know your thoughts.

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Unknown said...

Nice article! I was thinking of getting a revlon lippies...any advice on what to get when you have warm tone? - i have (a lot of) green to violetish veins ^_____^

Fran said...

LOVE!!!! Thanks for the post. Will try this out! :)

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