Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me StyLIZed Collection

It was February of last year when Happy Skin first collaborated with a Pinay celebrity to come up with a limited edition lippie shade. It was then with Ms. Kris Aquino and if you know Kris (doesn't need to be personally, though), you'd know her famous choice of lipcolor is pink. It was called Valentine Kiss, and it's the perfect shade of pink: fierce but feminine, attention-grabbing but still classy.

Fast forward to this year, around the same month as of last year, Happy Skin had another collaboration. O di ba, akala ninyo brands lang like MAC ang may collab ha! Mali kayo dyan! Hehehe.  This time, it's with Ms. Liz Uy, a Pinay celebrity stylist and fashion editor.  After months of working closely together, the lovely Liz and our equally lovely ladies behind Happy Skin came up with not one, but three must-have lippie shades.  Bongga!

The collection is called StyLIZed and consists of three lippie shades that each woman should have in her makeup kit: nude, pink and red.

The lippies can be bought at Php599 each or by set of 3 which comes in either an acrylic pouch at Php1799 (photo above) or in a slim leather case at Php1400 (sorry no photo).

Monday, April 27, 2015

My Birthday 2015 Wishlist

It's still more than a week (8 days to be exact) before my birthday and I am starting to feel that birthday blues sh*t. Not that I am sad that I'm turning a year older again (okay fine, I'm also sad about it in a way) but this time kasi, I'd be on-site on my birthday.  No family and no husband to celebrate it with and I'm like 3.5hrs away from the city.  I do have some friends at work, yes, but it's still different. I know you know what I mean.  Sniff!  

If I remember it right, the first time I felt alone during my birthday was when I was in Sydney in 2005.  But that time, I was in the city and I remembered spending my birthday walking along the streets of Sydney.  Pasyal-pasyal and I treated myself to a nice birthday dinner. I even got a bouquet of flowers and a stuffed toy from my husband, who was still my boyfriend then.

Good thing that a day after my birthday, I'd be going back to the city. I honestly don't have plans yet but I'm pretty sure it won't be any different than my other birthdays. And by that I mean, I won't have a party or any big celebration.  Usually it's just gonna be dinner with friends and then probably with Mr. X. 

So ganito na lang, instead of me getting sad with the fact that I'd be alone on my birthday, let me just share with you my birthday wishlist.  Just in case you're thinking of getting me a gift, LoL!    Wala naman masama sa mangarap di ba? And besides, like I've said in my December 2014 Wishlist post, I do believe that if you ask, you will receive.  And since I got most of the items I wished for last Christmas (some were gifts, while some I bought for myself), it might just happen again for my birthday.

I can't remember the last time I had a day at the spa. Hmm, if my (poor) memory serves me right, it has got to be last 2012...a few days before my birthday.  I went to a salon first then to a spa.  This year, I want to do it all again. Probably have a nice staycation in a hotel for a weekend and spend half a day in a spa: body scrub, massage, all the works!  Hayy, just thinking about it makes me feel relaxed already.  

I haven't been to any spa here in the UAE. Would you happen to have some recommendations? Please let me know. I want a spa that also offers some sort of floral bath before the scrub/massage.  Para feel na feel ko ang pagiging pampered!

My Mac Book Pro is turning 3 this year and being my first Mac laptop, I love it very much.  I was so ecstatic when I got it that I never really paid attention that it is a 15" and weighing more than 2kgs. But now I realized, it's too big, bulky and heavy.  It's not practical, most especially that I travel back and forth to work and Dubai/Abu Dhabi every weekend.  Since it's so big and heavy, I can't just put it inside my shoulder bag. Dedz ang balikat ko nun!  So I have no choice but put it in my luggage and leave it at the bus' compartment. (yes, I don't drive yet!)  How about putting it in a laptop bag?  Well, I can..but that would mean I'll have to carry two laptop bags.  One is my work laptop and my personal laptop.  In short, I need something smaller, lighter and well, cuter. Kaya my eyes are on this new Mac Book (in gold, please!  

I still have my DSLR but just like my excuse, I mean my reason for wanting the new Mac Book, I need something smaller and lighter.  I'm not sure if this Canon EOS M3 is now available here in the UAE, but I think I like it. It has a 180-degree LCD so yay for taking selfies!

Hmmm, I really can't think of anything else na but of course makeup and abubots are certainly welcome!  If you really know me, you'd know that I am mababaw.  Give me a bar of chocolate and I'd be over the moon. But I think this time since I am turning 25 (no violent reactions please!) I'd go for Nando's naman (my absolute fave, hahaha!) 

But seriously, I just want everybody to be safe most especially my family and friends. I want all of us to be happy, healthy and blessed with peace of mind.  I wish I'd be able to spend another birthday with all of my loved ones around me.  Kung kelan yon, I don't know.  Buti na lang may Skype.  Kaya, Skype tayo ha!?

But if there's one wish I would really, really want to have for my birthday...that is, sana magkaroon na kami ng baby this year. So for my birthday, I only ask for you to help us pray, that our wish finally be granted.  Yun lang, salamat!

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Getting Our Japanese Fix At Sushi Central

When you get an invite to check out a restaurant that serves one of your favourite cuisine, you say "Yes!"  So when I was invited to check out Sushi Central's second branch here in Abu Dhabi (Mina branch), I just couldn't say no. Next to Pinoy cuisine, I love Japanese food. 

I haven't been to the restaurant's older branch, but they say this one is bigger. I have actually been to their Mina branch when they opened last December and the place is indeed  roomy. They have art pieces as decors which makes the place even more modern-looking.

I told the husband that I want the same seats in our house and he just gave out a smirk. Do you think it's a Yes or a No?

Want to feast on sushi while watching your favorite tv show? No worries! This small corner is right just for that.

How to Cook: Beef Caldereta

It's almost midnight and here I am thinking about food. Usually, I'd be dreaming about burger and fries from Mcdo, but tonight I'm actually craving for something home-cooked.  I realized it's been weeks, or maybe months, since the last time I cooked. Nakakamiss din pala magluto.  When you cook, you get to eat what you want and make it taste like how you want it. 

One ulam I definitely miss cooking is Beef Caldereta.  I know it's not in any way as good as my Lolo's and my Tita's recipes but for me (and hopefully for Mr. X), it's good.  Hayaan 'nyo na akong magbuhat ng sariling bangko. Hehehe!  There are a lot of Beef Caldereta recipes available but let me just share with you how I cook mine.  


Beef, cut into serving portions. I really don't know much about beef cuts but I usually get the part where there's a bit of fat.
Bell Pepper
Liver Spread
Tomato Sauce

Let's start cooking:

Heat oil in a sauce pan and saute the garlic and onion
Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crayons For Big Girls: Chunky Funky Lips by Wojooh Beauty

I've been noticing that these past few weeks, lip color launches are happening left and right. I've been getting lipstick samples more often and I think if you'd do a search on my blog right now, I'd have more of lippie features/reviews than anything else! But don't get me wrong, I am not complaining as it actually gives me more opportunity to try out different brands, formulations, finishes and well, shades.  Alam nyo naman, bet ko lang is nude colors. Give me a tube of MAC Peachstock and MAC Please Me and I'm good. But now, I have a number of favourites already...which makes me think that I probably need to post a blog on it soon!

Last month, I was given some samples of the Chunky Funky Lips from Wojooh. I call these babies the Crayons for Big Girls, hahaha!  They remind me of the Bobbi Brown Art Sticks, only that they are smaller and cheaper!

 Wojooh Chunky Funky Lips
(AED 55)

Here comes a new makeup essential for ladies on the go. These pocket sized lipstick crayons are not only travel-friendly, but are also loaded with Vitamin E and Shea Butter for that kiss-worthy lips!  

Available shades:

#610 Berry Wojooh (fuchsia)
#510 Flamingo Flare (coral)
#520 Rosy Delights (light pink)
#230 Honey Drops (soft nude)
#620 Sweet Jallab (darker nude)
#460 Krazy Karaz (bright red)
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shiseido Zen Secret Bloom

I've first heard about Shiseido from my Mom and I remember using their oil blotting sheets when I was in college.  It was in fact my very first Shiseido item. Ang sosyal ko lang noon, di ba? Hahaha!  Anyway, I've always known the brand for their skincare.  Me and my Mom swears by it. I'm still using their Ultimune and I love how it keeps my skin sane despite my stress, lack of sleep and my crazy diet.  And of course, they also have a good makeup line.   

I didn't know that Shiseido has perfumes too, until I was gifted with probably one of the most elegant fragrance I have ever sniffed in my life...the Shiseido Zen Secret Bloom.

 Shiseido Zen Secret Bloom Eau de Parfum Intense

It comes in this Asian-inspired heavy square glass bottle which I honestly didn't like.  And that's because 1) Me and anything made of glass don't go well together and 2) It's so heavy and bulky that it's such a hassle to bring this with you when you go out and it sucks, because one should never leave home without this elegant scent that would make people turn their heads once they get to sniff how amazingly sexy you smell.

Seriously, I love how this perfume makes me feel and make me smell so sexy.  Kahit man lang sa pabango, maging sexy ako!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Skin Beauty in Bloom Summer 2015 Collection

It feels like it was just yesterday when Happy Skin launched their Summer Collection for 2014.  I was back home when they held the event so I made sure I attended it. Gosh, I wouldn't miss it for the world!  And now, just a few days ago, they launched their Summer Collection for 2015...and it's called Happy Skin Beauty in Bloom.  Too bad I wasn't able to attend it, but the beautiful people behind the brand made sure I won't be missing out.  

Happy Skin Beauty in Bloom Summer 2015 Collection

Just like what I captioned when I posted a similar photo on my Instagram, "If this won't make your heart skip a beat, I don't know what else will..." The collection is indeed breathtaking.  Pang-world class!  And well, can I just say I am proud to say that I am the first one here in the UAE to get my hands on this collection?  #yabangngkontimode

Inggit much?  Hahahaha! Then hayaan ninyo akong inggitin pa kayo.  Read on to see more details and of course, swatches, of this newest collection from Happy Skin.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rimmel Kate Bright Lipstick in Shades 35 and 38

With the temperature rising as high as 38C during the day, it really means that Summer is here in the sandpit.  Though it's not yet as humid, it really feels like the heat is piercing thru the skin. I don't really mind getting a tan, uso yan pag summer eh. Pero ang skit sa balat ng init!  I won't just get a tan, I'd be burnt...toasted, even! So yes, I am not a fan of the summer season.  Lalo ng summer dito sa UAE.  We get a temperature as high as 50C (sometimes, higher pa) so just imagine.  

But if there's one thing I like about summer, that would be the array of bright colors that make this season so festive. You know the drill, as the temperature rises, colors go brilliantly bright and as the temperature gets lower, colors go darker. And I'd always go for bright colors. It lifts up the mood and makes everything look so happy and light.

Rimmel, probably one of the drugstore brands that makes the best lipsticks out there, came up with the Kate Bright Spring Summer 2015 Collection for the lips.  The exotic palette of colors were created by the style icon herself, Kate Moss and inspired by palm-fringed bridges and magenta sunsets.

Rimmel London Kate Bright Spring Summer 2015 Collection
(AED 49/each)

The collection comes with 5 all-new shades of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate, which she personally picked to evoke dreamy holiday destinations: tangerine tones of shade #37, punchy pink hues of #34, #35 and #36 and a fabulously fresh touch of pink nude with #38.
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Product Review: IZIL Natural Argan Beauty Green Tea Body Lotion

A few weeks ago, I was able to get hold of a sample of one of the IZIL products that were launched in the UAE sometime last year.  It was this Green Tea Body Lotion and though I recently became a fan of green tea products, I didn't use it right after getting it. Why? Simply because I prefer whitening lotions.  Yes, I'm into anything whitening. But please, spare me the criticisms and remember, to each his own.  Kaya wag kayong judgmental. Hahaha!

One night when I came home from home very tired and stressed, I thought of getting a massage.  But where to get one, I really don't have an idea and besides, it can be expensive (kuripot mode is on).  So after resting for a bit, I just decided to take a quick warm shower.  Then I found out that I ran out of body oil (which I prefer using at night) so I rummage through my stuff and saw this.  I took a sniff and wow, I felt like I was teleported to a spa.  I immediately used it and got hooked since then.

IZIL Natural Argan Beauty Green Tea Body Lotion
(AED 115)
A freshly scented, lightweight and readily absorbed lotion that helps stimulate cell renewal for smooth and supple skin. It has Shea Butter, Almond and Moroccan Argan Oil, antioxidants, vitamins and Green Tea extract for intense hydration and protection against free radicals and toxins.  
Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rave: L'oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Liquid Foundation

Woohoo, it's a Thursday once again!
(happy dance)

I can't wait for this day to be over and off to another great weekend I go.  The husband's back from a short  trip to PH and since it was our 257th monthsarry yesterday,  (hahaha, oh yes we still count!) we're going out for a movie date tonight. Have you watched Fast and the Furious 7 already? I heard it's good. I'm excited to see it and of course, eat my favourite movie snack...nachos with loads of jalapeƱo and cheese!  It's gonna be a pig-out weekend once again!  Also, we'd be going back to Ras Al Khaimah tomorrow for a short weekend getaway with some friends.  


And so before I lose myself from thinking too much about this weekend (and food), let me share with you another review. This time it's gonna be about this foundation that has been my favourite for a few months now. Last year, I've blogged about the Sephora 10hr Perfect Wear Foundation and I told you that it's my favourite.  Well, it was...until I've tried this:

 L'oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation 
A makeup with superior hold and moisturizing comfort for 24hr flawless coverage, no touch ups required. Fighting imperfections and shine without compromising on moisture, skin is left truly infallible.
Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wojooh Color Ritual Breathe-In Nail Polish

Do you love painting your nails?  I guess most of us do. It's probably one of the easiest way to accessorize, perhaps the cheapest too, unless you'd go for a bottle of Chanel or Loubotin. 

I've tried a lot of nail polish brands and I must say, this is the first time I came across a breathe-in nail polish.  So what exactly is a breathe-in nail polish? It is uniquely formulated to allow water and air to pass through, permitting nails to breathe.   This may not mean so much to some of us, but for our Muslim sisters, it does.  

Before praying, Muslims need to do a washing ritual where they must let water run on parts of their body including the hands. Now with the usual nail polish that creates a barrier on the nails which blocks water from passing through, this makes the pre-ritual washing invalid and therefore invalidates the prayer as well.  While some Muslim women will just remove the nail polish and reapply it after their prayer, some totally stay away from applying nail polish because it can be such a chore. Imagine having to remove and reapply 5x a day?   Now with breathable or breathe-in nail polishes, our Muslim sisters can still wear nail colour without having to worry about not being able to perform their prayers properly.

WOJOOH Color Ritual Breathe-In Nail Polish
(AED 55)
A moisturizing and long-lasting formula that protects nails from chipping and applies evenly without streaking.  Formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates or camphor. Contains UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing.
Sunday, April 5, 2015

Makeup Look: Smokeys

Happy Easter, my loves!  So how did you spend the weekend? Me, I just spent it at home, sleeping and watching movies online the whole day.  I was on the Master Cleanse so I figured it will be a good idea to just stay indoors just in case you know, my tummy goes gaga.  I'm almost done with the cleanse and I'll be writing about it soon.

Today, I'd be sharing this makeup look I've worn some weeks ago. This should've been a "Happy Thursday" post but since it was the Holy Thursday last week, I decided to post something else.  

In2It Eyebrow Powder
MAC eyeshadows in Bamboo (crease as transition color), Aquadisiac and Shimmermoss (lid), Blacked (Outer-V, crease and lower lash line) and Retrospeck (inner lid)
MAC Smouldering Eyeliner (lower waterline)
Isadora Liquid Eyeliner
Ardell Wispies

Max Factor Facefinity Primer
L'oreal Infallible Liquid Foundation #200
Makeup Factory Pressed Powder
Happyskin Cosmetics Feeling Sculptural Contour Powder

So there you go, I hope you like it.

Have an amazing week, y'all!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel: Kamay Ni Hesus in Lucban Quezon

Since today is Holy Thursday, I decided to put up this post about our travel year ago to probably one of the famous pilgrimage destinations in the Philippines, the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban, Quezon.

The shrine is a healing center built under the initiative of Fr. Joseph Ayala Faller, a well-known healing priest. A healing mass is conducted at the chapel every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9:30AM.  We went there on a Wednesday but unfortunately, we arrived there past noon so we weren't able to attend the healing mass.

As soon as you enter the vicinity, it would be impossible to miss this amazing view of the hill where the 50-ft status of the Ascending Christ is erected.  I am not a fan of walking, much more climbing, so it was really a big challenge for me.  It was also around 1pm when we started the trekking the Way of the Cross going up the hill so imagine the torturing heat of the sun plus the humid air.  It felt like we were in a sauna.  But I did ask Mom to bring me here after seeing her first trip at the shrine, so I didn't have any reason to complain. Konting sakripisyo lang naman to, as compared as what Jesus went thru.  Kaya, push lang!

Along the way up are life-size statues depicting the 14 Stations of the Cross

The Grotto Entrance 
Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I tried to keep up with my busy schedule at work and still update my blog. but as you can see, I haven't been doing a great job.  I may have been posting sometimes but mostly, it would just be EOTDs/FOTDs...and worse, they all look the same. I know i've been boring you to death with my senseless posts for quite a long time now.

Also, I have a lot of personal issues that i would need to deal with first. my life has been like a rollercoaster ride for these past few months, and no matter how hard I try to pretend that I am doing okay, people (who really know me) would still know that i am not.

it's hard...and I would definitely miss all of you. but I don't have any choice but to say goodbye for now. I would no longer be posting in here since in a state that I am in now, posting about makeup and anything about vanity would be really inappropriate. I am sorry, dear readers. you've been with me for these past years...and you have encouraged me in every way you can to continue my passion with makeup. I will never forget all of you.

Thanks, dear readers. I will surely miss all of you. To my fellow bloggers, I will continue reading your blogs, though. 

I wish you all the best, dearies. 

And one last thing, please pray for me that i'd be able to go thru my problems now. 

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