Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crayons For Big Girls: Chunky Funky Lips by Wojooh Beauty

I've been noticing that these past few weeks, lip color launches are happening left and right. I've been getting lipstick samples more often and I think if you'd do a search on my blog right now, I'd have more of lippie features/reviews than anything else! But don't get me wrong, I am not complaining as it actually gives me more opportunity to try out different brands, formulations, finishes and well, shades.  Alam nyo naman, bet ko lang is nude colors. Give me a tube of MAC Peachstock and MAC Please Me and I'm good. But now, I have a number of favourites already...which makes me think that I probably need to post a blog on it soon!

Last month, I was given some samples of the Chunky Funky Lips from Wojooh. I call these babies the Crayons for Big Girls, hahaha!  They remind me of the Bobbi Brown Art Sticks, only that they are smaller and cheaper!

 Wojooh Chunky Funky Lips
(AED 55)

Here comes a new makeup essential for ladies on the go. These pocket sized lipstick crayons are not only travel-friendly, but are also loaded with Vitamin E and Shea Butter for that kiss-worthy lips!  

Available shades:

#610 Berry Wojooh (fuchsia)
#510 Flamingo Flare (coral)
#520 Rosy Delights (light pink)
#230 Honey Drops (soft nude)
#620 Sweet Jallab (darker nude)
#460 Krazy Karaz (bright red)

I was sent two shades: The Flamingo Flare (coral) and Honey Drops (soft nude).  I don't think I even need to tell you which shade is my favorite between the two, do I?

 #510 Flamingo Flare - #230 Honey Drops

 Flamingo Flare

A cool coral that would look pretty on those with fair skin tones.  It's an instant face-brightener and is a perfect shade this summer, IMHO.  It's not really my shade but when I wore this, even my husband gave his thumbs of approval. So I guess, I've found another must-have lippie!

Honey Drops

This shade is a lovely, really lovely soft nude.  I can't even express how much I love this color.  It's especially perfect when paired with smokey eyes.  So sexy, I tell you! This particular shade never left my makeup kit since I got it.  

These lipstick crayons are so easy to use. It goes on smoothly and evenly on the lips.  No tugging!  The formulation is creamy, the pigmentation is great and it stays on for a whole day even without touch ups. But if you eat, and most likely you would, it will fade a little.  But because these babies are so easy to carry around, you can even put it in your pocket for on-the-go touch ups.

By the way, these lippies are bigger than those standard-sized makeup pencils (not to mention they are so creamy too) so you have to use a special type of sharpener. Worry not, because Wojooh also came up with a sharpener that you can use:

Maxi Sharpener
(AED 40)

My only gripe about these makeup crayons is that they are so creamy, I think I'd be able to finish them up in weeks, when used everyday.  It breaks my heart whenever I sharpen them because I feel like I am wasting the product.   I wish Wojooh can come up with a lipstick (in a tube) counterpart of Honey Drops. I promise I will hoard like a mad woman, hahaha!

Haven't tried them yet? 
Check them out in your nearest Wojooh Beauty Stores.

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