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Getting Our Japanese Fix At Sushi Central

When you get an invite to check out a restaurant that serves one of your favourite cuisine, you say "Yes!"  So when I was invited to check out Sushi Central's second branch here in Abu Dhabi (Mina branch), I just couldn't say no. Next to Pinoy cuisine, I love Japanese food. 

I haven't been to the restaurant's older branch, but they say this one is bigger. I have actually been to their Mina branch when they opened last December and the place is indeed  roomy. They have art pieces as decors which makes the place even more modern-looking.

I told the husband that I want the same seats in our house and he just gave out a smirk. Do you think it's a Yes or a No?

Want to feast on sushi while watching your favorite tv show? No worries! This small corner is right just for that.

Aside from the very nice ambience, I love their staff.  They gave me and the husband a warm welcome and they made sure we were taken cared of while we dine.

I love that you can watch while your food is being prepared in their open kitchen.

I actually thought that we would no longer have to order and that they will just surprise us with their highly recommended items.  But instead, they let us check out the menu and order what we want.  It's a good thing that our server for that night knew the menu well.  

For my drink, I got the Ginger Lemon Iced Tea.  I wished I got something else instead, because I found it too bland.  I guess I'm just used to sodas or the usual iced teas.  

Mr. X preferred something hot, so he got himself this red tea. 

 For starters, we ordered the Edamame (AED15 regular / AED23 large). 
I usually go for the plain, but that time, I opted for the Garlic Edamame. I'm glad we did because it's so's finger-licking good!

 Another appetizer we ordered was the Crispy Rock Shrimps (AED 35).  As per the husband, this is the star of our meal.  He loved it so much that he didn't even bother letting me have the last piece!  Hahaha.  The sauce is the perfect combination of sweet, sour and spicy.  It's so addicting I wished I ordered another!


I've been craving for Makis for the longest time but I didn't want to get the usual California Maki. Since our very attentive server (oh geesh, my apologies for forgetting her name) knows the menu well, she recommended two of their best sellers:

 Shrimp Garden Roll Maki Slim (AED36)
Sundried Tomato and Cream Cheese Fresh Maki (AED35)

I particularly loved the fresh maki but the husband found the taste confusing so his vote goes to the Maki Slim.  Hahaha.  I love cream cheese so that's probably why I found the fresh maki so good. 

And of course, what's a visit to a Japanese restaurant if you don't order Sashimi?

 Salmon and Maguro (Tuna) Sashimi
(AED 20/each)

The husband never really liked Salmon Sashimi as he usually finds it malansa (fishy).  But this time, he liked it. What's there not to like anyway? Just look at it, it looks so fresh right?  I  can say that these Sashimis are the freshest that we've tried here in the UAE. 

 For our main, we chose the Chicken Teriyaki (AED54).

This is a complete meal as this comes with a miso soup and a cup of Japanese rice. For its price, it's sulit! I am happy to report that their miso tastes authentic. I mean, it didn't taste like it's instant miso. 

We're so full but they insisted on letting us try some of their desserts.  They have cheesecake (my absolute favorite) available but I really wanted to try something new so we got this instead:

Mango Maki Roll
(AED 19) 

This dessert reminded me of our very own Suman and Mangga.  When they served this, my husband was like "rice again for dessert?"  He didn't want to try it at first but I insisted and when he did, he liked it as well.  It does taste like suman and mangga but the chocolate syrup made it a lot more special.  Was it nutella? I'm not really sure. All I know is that it's really good.  It's not nakakauta.

Mr. X and me and our happy tummies 

 Our server for that night.  I am really sorry for not remembering your name my dear, but I really commend you for being so attentive and polite. You and the branch's manager, Gaurav, made sure that me and my husband are well taken cared of and that we are actually enjoying our meal. Thank you for answering all my queries too!

 Gaurav, Sushi Central Mina Branch manager

And of course, I had to have a photo on that chair.

Some ongoing promotions:

 Happy Hour every Saturday

On Wednesdays, they have the ladies night where you can buy one dish and get the next one for free plus the iced tea refill also comes free!

Special of the Day
(varies every day)

Overall, me and the husband really liked our experience at Sushi Central. The food, the ambience and the staff are all amazing.  We enjoyed it so much that we'll be going back soon.  

If there's one thing we didn't really like about going to that restaurant, that would be the difficulty in getting a parking space. Other than that, me and the husband are giving our two thumbs up!  It is definitely one of the best Japanese restaurants we've been to.  Now when the husband craves for sushi and sashimi, Sushi Central would be the first in our list.  

By the way, they also deliver. Give them a ring at 600-52-0007 and have your Japanese fix delivered at your doorstep.

Domo Arigato, Sushi Central!

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First, loving your hair cut! I agree loving the modern touches to the dining area, I took some notes. And the food looked so good and hearty too! Thanks for sharing!

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