Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me StyLIZed Collection

It was February of last year when Happy Skin first collaborated with a Pinay celebrity to come up with a limited edition lippie shade. It was then with Ms. Kris Aquino and if you know Kris (doesn't need to be personally, though), you'd know her famous choice of lipcolor is pink. It was called Valentine Kiss, and it's the perfect shade of pink: fierce but feminine, attention-grabbing but still classy.

Fast forward to this year, around the same month as of last year, Happy Skin had another collaboration. O di ba, akala ninyo brands lang like MAC ang may collab ha! Mali kayo dyan! Hehehe.  This time, it's with Ms. Liz Uy, a Pinay celebrity stylist and fashion editor.  After months of working closely together, the lovely Liz and our equally lovely ladies behind Happy Skin came up with not one, but three must-have lippie shades.  Bongga!

The collection is called StyLIZed and consists of three lippie shades that each woman should have in her makeup kit: nude, pink and red.

The lippies can be bought at Php599 each or by set of 3 which comes in either an acrylic pouch at Php1799 (photo above) or in a slim leather case at Php1400 (sorry no photo).

Red Carpet - Style Icon - 24 Carats

Even the packaging of the lippies itself is stylish - they come in silver, gold and bronze!  

Style Icon - 24 Carats - Red Carpet

Style Icon

I guess you already know the reason why I have this lippie's swatch photo first. Tee-hee! This shade is so ME!  If I would come up with a collaboration to come up with lipstick shades, I bet it will all be nudes. Hahaha.  This shade kinda reminds me of my all time favorite The Morning After, but this has more pink in it. It's lighter, but won't make you look sickly.  

OMG this shade is limited edition so I might have to ask Mom to hoard for me!

24 Carats

This is indeed one hot pink shade!  I don't really go for this kind of shade but since it makes my skin look brighter, happier and fresh, I guess I better get used to wearing it.  And so does the husband! I mean, he must get used to me wearing this lipcolor...not him getting used to wearing it.  Geesh, do I really need to explain? Hahaha!

Red Carpet

This one's your kind of classic, true red.  It does remind me of MAC Russian Red, glossy version. I don't really wear reds but if I do, I go for mattes. For this one, I blot it out with a tissue to get rid of the shine.  I like how it makes my teeth look whiter and my face look brighter. 

I need not say more about how much I love these moisturizing lippies from Happy Skin. I've blogged about them a number of times and my review pretty much stays the same: they are pigmented, moisturizing and have a good staying power.  They might be expensive for a local brand, but I'd rather spend on them than something cheaper that dries up my lips and comes with a "blah" pigmentation. Besides, these lippies are packed with Shea Butter and Collagen to keep your puckers forever kiss-worthy.

If you are just starting out in collecting lipcolors, then I highly suggest getting the set. I think these 3 colors are basically a good set to start with, and you can even mix and match to come up with a new shade.  I think they are still available in stores, so grab them while you can!  

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