Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rimmel Kate Bright Lipstick in Shades 35 and 38

With the temperature rising as high as 38C during the day, it really means that Summer is here in the sandpit.  Though it's not yet as humid, it really feels like the heat is piercing thru the skin. I don't really mind getting a tan, uso yan pag summer eh. Pero ang skit sa balat ng init!  I won't just get a tan, I'd be burnt...toasted, even! So yes, I am not a fan of the summer season.  Lalo ng summer dito sa UAE.  We get a temperature as high as 50C (sometimes, higher pa) so just imagine.  

But if there's one thing I like about summer, that would be the array of bright colors that make this season so festive. You know the drill, as the temperature rises, colors go brilliantly bright and as the temperature gets lower, colors go darker. And I'd always go for bright colors. It lifts up the mood and makes everything look so happy and light.

Rimmel, probably one of the drugstore brands that makes the best lipsticks out there, came up with the Kate Bright Spring Summer 2015 Collection for the lips.  The exotic palette of colors were created by the style icon herself, Kate Moss and inspired by palm-fringed bridges and magenta sunsets.

Rimmel London Kate Bright Spring Summer 2015 Collection
(AED 49/each)

The collection comes with 5 all-new shades of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate, which she personally picked to evoke dreamy holiday destinations: tangerine tones of shade #37, punchy pink hues of #34, #35 and #36 and a fabulously fresh touch of pink nude with #38.

#38 and #35


Shade #38 is a coral nude. Write ups say it's a pink nude but I see it as a coral-ish kind of nude.  And you know me, I am sucker for nude-ish lip colors, so this one is a big hit for me. 


Shade #35 is a rose pink with a hint of purple.  It's really a nice color and will definitely look good for those with fair skintones. As you can see on the photo above, it's almost like a neon pink.  Don't let it scare you though, as this is still very wearable.  Saka since it's summer, colors like this are so uso!

Just like their other lipsticks I've tried, these are of high quality. They are pigmented and has a good staying power. It's not drying on the lips but make sure you have exfoliated your lips if you have dry, flaky lips as this may make the dryness more obvious. They have a nice sheen, so no need for a separate lipgloss.  It applies like butter and doesn't bleed.  

I really can't say anything bad about these lippies but I wish they come with actual shade names instead of numbers!  

I've been using shade #38 often so I am pretty sure I'd be buying backup tubes soon.  

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Sarah said...

I LOVE them both, I'll have to look out for them. Though the nude one might not work well for me, my lips are little pigmented and light shades look bad, imho.

ArtikelArul said...

I like lipstick with code Shade # 38.
Look natural, I want to give it to my wife I as a gift.
skin bleaching.

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