Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wojooh Color Ritual Breathe-In Nail Polish

Do you love painting your nails?  I guess most of us do. It's probably one of the easiest way to accessorize, perhaps the cheapest too, unless you'd go for a bottle of Chanel or Loubotin. 

I've tried a lot of nail polish brands and I must say, this is the first time I came across a breathe-in nail polish.  So what exactly is a breathe-in nail polish? It is uniquely formulated to allow water and air to pass through, permitting nails to breathe.   This may not mean so much to some of us, but for our Muslim sisters, it does.  

Before praying, Muslims need to do a washing ritual where they must let water run on parts of their body including the hands. Now with the usual nail polish that creates a barrier on the nails which blocks water from passing through, this makes the pre-ritual washing invalid and therefore invalidates the prayer as well.  While some Muslim women will just remove the nail polish and reapply it after their prayer, some totally stay away from applying nail polish because it can be such a chore. Imagine having to remove and reapply 5x a day?   Now with breathable or breathe-in nail polishes, our Muslim sisters can still wear nail colour without having to worry about not being able to perform their prayers properly.

WOJOOH Color Ritual Breathe-In Nail Polish
(AED 55)
A moisturizing and long-lasting formula that protects nails from chipping and applies evenly without streaking.  Formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates or camphor. Contains UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing.

Raw Sugar - Matte Top Coat - Midnight Majlis

Raw Sugar

Midnight Majlis

The above nail colours are applied without any top coat so as you can see, they are glossy on their own.  They apply evenly without any streaking and the colors are just wow.  I usually apply 3 coats to achieve full opacity on some nail polish brands but with these, I can get away with just one layer, at least on these colors that I got.  But of course I'd still go for two. 

Midnight Majlis with Matte Top Coat

I love, love their matte top coat. I've been using it often and I just love how it totally transforms a nail polish from having that classy, glossy finish to a clean, matte finish.

True enough, I didn't see any yellowing on my nails even after wearing them for a long time.  Also, they get to remain chip-free for 3-4 days.

The only thing that I think will keep me from buying it is the price. I find it expensive at AED 55 a pop. Kuripot ako eh! I can get a bottle or two from other brands for the price of one of this. But then again, they won't be breathable nail polishes.  So if I am a Muslim and I need a nail polish that I can wear before, during and after prayers, then I'd definitely consider buying these. 

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