Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rimmel Exaggerate Smoke n' Shine Eyeliner

If there is one makeup item I hoped I've learned to use when I was still in school, it would be the eyeliner.  When I learned how to use eyeliners, I just couldn't seem to get enough of them.  I rarely go out without lining my eyes.  And if you've been reading my blog for quite some time now, you'd know that my eye makeup won't be complete without my signature winged liner.  
Eyeliners don't just give you the opportunity to change the shape of your eyes, but it also helps make your eyelashes look fuller. If you are too lazy to put on eyeshadow, then coloured eyeliners are your best bet to make your eyes pop.  

Today let me share with you these eyeliners from one of the brands that have been slowly taking up a lot of space in my makeup kit.  Don't get me wrong, this brand Rimmel, is slowly becoming one of my favorite drugstore to Revlon, of course!

Rimmel London Exaggerate Smoke N' Shine Eyeliner
(AED 23)
Take your eye-look to an even more XX-treme level with new Rimmel Exaggerate Smoke n’ Shine Liner. Boldly enhance eyes with precision and ease. This Automatic Pencil eyeliner delivers an effortless streak of super-saturated, luminous colour with a shiny gel-like finish. Make an impact by defining your eyes with fierce lines; or blend easily from high definition rich colours to a smokey rich colour using the built-in smudger. 
Available Shades:
Little Black Smokey
Copper Bling
Purple Craze
Blue Steel 
Thursday, May 28, 2015

An All-Around First Aid Cream: The Human+Kind All-In-One Family Remedy Cream

Don't you just love multipurpose products? Nope, I am not talking about makeup here.  This time, I am going gaga over this cream that is being considered by many as a skin problem solver for the whole family, even for babies!

Human+Kind All-in-One Family Remedy Cream
(AED70/40ml, AED120/100ml)

This all-around cream soothes and reduces the appearance of eczema, psoriasis and acne-prone skin. It also relieves dry, cracked and sensitive skin, minor burns, itching and razor burn, cold and bed sores, athlete's foot, insect bites and stings, brittle nails and sunburn.  

It is suitable even for those with sensitive skins and is formulated with No Chemicals, No Colourants, No Parabens, No Additives and No Perfumes.  It is also not tested on animals and is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

 Active Ingredients:

Aloe Barbadensis, Marshmallow, Betula Alba Bark (Birch), Broccoli Extract, Shea Butter, Calendula, Centella Asiatica Extract, Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail) extract, Lilium Candidum Bulb (White Lily), Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea tree) leaf oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract, Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado oil and Rosehip Seed Oil.
Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Get Your Nails Summer-Ready with Rimmel London's Colourfest Nail Collection by Rita Ora

If you want to sport a summer-look without spending too much moolah, dress up your tips instead with this season's hottest, high-impact, flower-power shades from Rimmel London.  

The brand collaborated for the second time with Rita Ora, a British songwriter, singer and actress, after the phenomenal success of her first Colour Rush Collection and came up with super-shine pastels and bright shades of nail polishes that are surely to make your summer epic with lots of colour and shine.

Rimmel London Colourfest Nail Collection by Rita Ora
(AED 20/each)
Rimmel’s new 3-in-1 Nail Colour Technology delivers a base coat, rich colour and glossy top coat finish. 
Chip-resistant, anti-fade, high-shine colour lasts up to 10 days.
It has a quick-drying formula dries in less than 60 seconds*.
It has a precision maxi brush glides perfectly on the nail for a flawless professional-like finish.
Makes a precise application in one stroke
Available Shades:

270 Sweet Retreat (baby pink)
300 Glaston-Berry (red orange)
332 Neon Fest (hot pink)
400 Tangerine Tent (bright orange)
408 Peachella (peach)
413 Orangina (peach with orangey tint)
450 Daisy Days (yellow)
498 Rain Rain Go Away (pastel taupe)
558 Go Wild-er-ness (purple)
860 Bestival Blue (sky blue)
878 Roll in the Grass (blue green)
880 Port-A-Loo Blue (teal)
Monday, May 25, 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacqe

I've always been intrigued in one of the makeup brands here in the UAE called Bourjois.  I remember getting my first Bourjois items a few years ago from my Ate Grace who lives in UK.  She sent me these cute blush compacts from the brand and I just loved them to bits.  I think I actually hit the pan on those. I wanted to check out more stuff from the brand but sadly, Bourjois is not available in PH.

When I got an invite to a Bourjois event some few weeks ago, I was heartbroken that it is going to be on a weekday. Seriously PR people, why do you do events on a weekday and during office hours? Why, oh why!? 

(wipes tears and goes back to this post)

A few hours later, I saw that Bourjois launched their new line of lippies called Aqua Lacqe. I've been meaning to check it out but given my new work location and schedule, I just didn't get the chance yet.  Good thing, some of the shades are included in the goodie bag that I got during the recent Oblogger Party. YAY!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque
(AED 79)
The non-sticky formula glides on easily, creating a water-light sensation on the lips. And what's more, it has Nymphaea extract to smooth and moisturise.  It is available in 8 mouth-watering shades, from soft nudes to statement brights. THE AQUA FACTOR? Once applied, it doesn't run or feather so no need for a lip liner.
Shades available:
01 Appechissant, a punchy nude color for a healthy glow
02 Rose on the rock, A rose nude shade. 
03 Brun'croyable, a brown shade, not chestnut with a hint of pink, red and caramel for an incredible result
04 Viens si tu roses, not really pink or red and is almost a raspberry color.
05 Red my lips, an intense red which asserts its personality
06 Feeling reddy, packed full of energy which immediately gives you a boost
07 Fuchsia perche, a fuchsia without a little blue for a more wearable look
08 Babe idole, a bright pink

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Hydrofuge Mascara

 I first heard about the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara from my good friend, Michelle, when we first started working together in makeup gigs. She said, among the mascaras she has tried and used, the Great Lash is the best.  I got so curious about it that I even asked my MIL from the US to send me some. Because at that time, it was not available in the Philippines.

This year, in the celebration of Maybelline's 100th year, they brought their best-selling mascara in the Philippines and will be available for a limited time only.  Also, it will be sold for a discounted price of Php350.  I am not sure how much it should really cost, but for a brand's best-selling mascara to be sold at such an affordable price, it is indeed something for makeup junkies to be happy about.  As soon as I heard about it, I immediately shared the good news to Michelle and told her to run to the nearest Maybelline counter to hoard. And hoard, she did.

So why is this mascara so famous in the first place? What makes it the brand's best-selling mascara? Let's see:

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara 
(Waterproof Hydrofuge)

There's a number of variants (do we call it variants?) for the Great Lash Mascara. But the brand's claims for this one are the following:

It conditions as it thickens.
It has a lash-doubling formula that glides on smoothly to build great-looking, smudge-proof lashes.
It has a lash-building brush that makes it easy to get a full lash look without clumping.
it Is contact lens wearer-safe and is hypoallergenic.
It is waterproof.
Friday, May 22, 2015

Baguio Eats: Ketchup Community

It's the weekend once again and I've been missing my family so much these past few weeks.  I look forward to spending time with them again soon. If things turn out well, I'd be seeing them again sometime in July. And I just can't wait.  Looking back, I feel bad for those times I opted to stay in Manila during the weekends instead of heading back home in Bataan to be with them.  I wish I didn't let weariness (from work) get the best of me during those times. So my advise for you my friends, spend time with your family whenever you can and whenever you have the chance. 

Okay, enough with the mala-telenovela drama.  For today let me share with you our dining experience at Ketchup Food Community during our short stay in Baguio early this year. 

If you want to enjoy a variety of cuisines in one spot, the Ketchup Food Community near Wright Park is the best place to go.

It is a small gated, small community with 5 restaurants serving different cuisines.  Each has a different theme and approach, so if you enjoy variety when it comes to food, you'll definitely enjoy Ketchup Community.

The five restaurants are:
Canto -  serves American dishes like ribs, pizza and burgers
Green Pepper - for gourmet lovers
Happy Tummy - serves Thai cuisine 
Rancho Norte - if you are craving for Filipino food or you wanna sample some exotic dishes like tapang usa
Rumah Sateh - Indo-Malay cuisine
Thursday, May 21, 2015

OBlogger Party At The Largest Spa In The Middle East, The Beauty Connection Spa

When I got the invite from Sarah (OpinionatedSarah) for the Oblogger party two weeks ago, I just knew I would not miss it for the world.  Why? One: I had a great time last year during the first Oblogger party as I've finally got the chance to meet fellow bloggers I've been lurking online (tee-hee!), got my hands on amazing goodie bags and well, I won an Escada sunglasses!  And two:  It will be held in the largest beauty spa in the Middle East, the Beauty Connection Spa.  As I've mentioned on my Birthday Wishlist blog post, I am on the lookout for a good spa where I can spend half a day (or a day) just pampering myself. So I told myself this is a chance for me to check out one of the most talked about spa here in the UAE.

The spa's reception area

Just looking at the main reception alone, you'd know this spa is really huge. The entire spa area is covering 30,000 square feet. Now if that's not huge enough for you, I don't know what else is.

But don't worry about getting lost. As soon as you go beyond the reception area, you'd be guided by coloured tubes from the ceilings.  There are 6 areas and each area has a designated color tube:

 Red tube is for the Red Nail Avenue, their nails spa section

 Green tube for Facial, their facial spa section
Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara

And so I'm back after almost a 2-week hiatus.  I've still been active on Instagram though, posting bits of what I was up to for the past two weeks.  So yes, I wasn't totally absent.

Now that I am back, I have here a review of one of Happy Skin's newest product, their Eye Am The One Mascara, which they also claim to be a Holy Grail Mascara.  So is it really an HG material?  Let's see...

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara
(Php 899)

It promises thicker and longer lashes with a curl that will never droop.  It has a MAXIMEYES fibre brush that maximises the product load and at the same time lifts and separates the lashes.  It is smudge-proof, sweat-proof, sebum-proof, tear-proof and is also water-resistant.

The packaging is quite simple and lightweight.  I love how they made the text "Eye Am The One" on the tube bigger than the rest, as it sort of gives you that commanding tone to pick it up among your other mascaras in your makeup kit. 

And just like any other Happy Skin products, it has some special ingredients added to protect your lashes from being damaged and to stimulate hair growth.
Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thank You

Today is a very special day for me.  Do you know why?  Because it's my birthday today!

I am not saying that I am one special person but I consider this day special because this is the day that I was given the chance to live. My life is far from being perfect but without everything that I've been thru, good or bad, I won't be the same person that I am today. And certainly, I won't be here where I am now if not for all the people who have helped me along the way: 

To my family, most especially my Mom who despite being a single parent, was able to raise and support me and my sister, as well as her whole family. It was not an easy task, Mom, but never did I see you hold back. Yes, you got tired a number of times and I saw you complain even, but you continued helping out in every possible way you can.  You are the strongest woman I know, Mom.  And for me and Sam, you are the best Mom.  

To my Mama Wheng, whose childhood I stole because she had to take care of me at an early age. When she should've been playing outside with her friends, she was taking care of me instead.  And until now, she looks after me like I'm still a child.  

To my free-spirited sister Sam, we might not have spent a lot of time together because when you were born, I was already about to enter college. But when we're together, it doesn't make me feel like we have this huge age gap. I guess it helps that it's either because 1) I act like I'm still on my 20s or 2) you act like you're my age. Hahaha!

To my first boyfriend and now my husband, thank you for bearing with the ever childish me.  We've been thru a whole lot, a lot that it's enough for us to write our own novel hahaha, but despite the not-so-good things that happen, you still chose me.  And I am also happy that I chose you.  I don't think there would be somebody else who'd  be able to keep up with my craziness.  

Of course, thank you also to my all my friends.  We may not talk that often anymore, but I know that whenever I would need you, I can always count on you. I hope you know that you can always count on me too. 

Thank you also to all those people who I have known and have touched my life in any way: fellow bloggers, PR friends, classmates, officemates, to all those who have contributed to who I am today.  Be it by being a friend or by being somebody who hates me.  Thank you for helping me become what I am today: stronger and wiser (hopefully).  

And last but not the least, thank you to our Lord for giving me the chance everyday to live this life. I know I've stumbled a lot in the past, and I still stumble on some days, but still you continue to give me a chance to see how beautiful this life is.  I am unworthy my Lord, but you have blessed me so much, and you still continue to bless me with so much more. Thank you Lord for everything.

To each one of you:

Kisses and Hugs,
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Monday, May 4, 2015

My Favourite False Eyelashes ATM: Red Cherry Lashes

In one of my previous posts, I did mention that wearing false eyelashes has become usual for me. If back in PH I only wear them on special events and parties, here in the UAE, I feel like my eye makeup is missing something if I don't put on some false eyelashes. I kinda feel like it's my makeup's cherry on top. And it helps that I don't get to encounter judgmental people who stares at you like you're from outer space when they see you with full makeup + false eyelashes on. Hahaha! I guess it's because to see someone here with really full and luscious lashes, be it real or fake, is just usual here.  

I have used different brands of false eyelashes in the past. There's 3S Lashes which for me, is still the easiest to use because all you have to do is put it on your lash lines, no glue needed! I've also used those from MAC, but since they are really pricey, I set them aside for very special occasions. Those from Landmark are good too, but since they aren't made up of human hair, they can be heavy and the lash band can be stiff. But those are still my best bet if you want something cheap, and something you can wear for a quick shoot. 

These days, the brand that I'm mostly using when it comes to false eyelashes is Red Cherry.  I remember getting my first pair from an online store years ago but I got the wrong design so I didn't really bother using it.  But when my friend Sol of Digitaltraincase sent me some pairs to try, there was no looking back ever since.  So today, let me show you the designs that I currently have and which ones I mostly use.

Red Cherry Eyelashes
(Php 160 or Php180, depends on the design)

I don't think Red Cherry are available in stores here in the UAE so I get my stash from Digitaltraincase.  By the way, they have an ongoing promo where if you buy 6 pairs, you'd get them for Php130/pair. You just use the coupon code LASHLOVE when you checkout.  And yes, they ship worldwide.

Anyway, here are 12 of the designs that I currently have.  I actually had more, like the 213 and 503 but I've used them for more than 5x already so they don't really look nice anymore. And besides, I already lost the boxes. Hahaha. Sorry!

One thing I like about Red Cherry lashes is that they have clear/invisible bands.  This actually makes them look more natural when worn and I find them more comfortable too.  

Now, let's check the designs one by one:
Saturday, May 2, 2015

Where to stay in Baguio: Peredo's Lodging House

Whenever I go home to PH for a vacation, I always ask Mom if we can go to Baguio. Aside from we love the weather there, it now only takes us a 3-4hr drive going there from Bataan. Thank God for SCTEX and TPLEX!  Nga pala, if you don't know yet, I am a graduate of SLU Baguio. Yep, I spent 4 years and Baguio!  But still, I don't think I'll get enough of the place.  I think if I am to choose between Tagaytay and Baguio, I'd choose the latter any time.

Me and my family loves staying in nice, fancy hotels. I mean, who isn't?  But whenever we go up in Baguio, we are not after a staycation. Usually, we go out early morning, go around, meet friends then go home early evening to freshen up and then go out  again for dinner. So to get a hotel and not stay most of the time in there isn't really practical. That's why when we go to Baguio, we don't book a hotel...instead, we stay at Peredo's Lodging House.

Peredo's Lodging House

We first heard about Peredo's from my sister, Sam. She had nothing but good words about the place.  Funny, that the first thing I asked about her was "May mumo ba dun?" (Is there a ghost in there?)  Hahahaha. My sister said there's none, and if ever there are ghosts, she didn't see any. Besides, the place is so maaliwalas daw and quiet. But not the scary-kind of quiet. So when I had to go to Baguio alone to get my school credentials two years ago, I booked a room at Peredo's though I was a bit hesitant at that time.

And just like my sister, I really loved staying at the house.  It was homey, relaxingly quiet and the caretakers are so nice. And yes, no mumo!

The house was built sometime in 1915 so yes, this is a 100-year old house! But as you can see from the outside, it looks well-maintained. It's an old house, yes, and old housed in Baguio are just usual.  But don't worry, as it doesn't look like it's gonna collapse anytime!  When I first saw the house two years ago, ang gaan nya sa pakiramdam.  It does help that it's painted with my favorite color, green!

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