Friday, May 22, 2015

Baguio Eats: Ketchup Community

It's the weekend once again and I've been missing my family so much these past few weeks.  I look forward to spending time with them again soon. If things turn out well, I'd be seeing them again sometime in July. And I just can't wait.  Looking back, I feel bad for those times I opted to stay in Manila during the weekends instead of heading back home in Bataan to be with them.  I wish I didn't let weariness (from work) get the best of me during those times. So my advise for you my friends, spend time with your family whenever you can and whenever you have the chance. 

Okay, enough with the mala-telenovela drama.  For today let me share with you our dining experience at Ketchup Food Community during our short stay in Baguio early this year. 

If you want to enjoy a variety of cuisines in one spot, the Ketchup Food Community near Wright Park is the best place to go.

It is a small gated, small community with 5 restaurants serving different cuisines.  Each has a different theme and approach, so if you enjoy variety when it comes to food, you'll definitely enjoy Ketchup Community.

The five restaurants are:
Canto -  serves American dishes like ribs, pizza and burgers
Green Pepper - for gourmet lovers
Happy Tummy - serves Thai cuisine 
Rancho Norte - if you are craving for Filipino food or you wanna sample some exotic dishes like tapang usa
Rumah Sateh - Indo-Malay cuisine

One of the good things that I like about Ketchup Community is you can choose one restaurant, settle yourselves in there and still order from the other restaurants. They will serve your food to where you are sitting.  We decided to eat at Rancho Norte but since Mom isn't much into meat, I got her a salad and a soup from Green Pepper.  They served it at Rancho Norte and was told that we can pay the bill for Green Pepper also at Rancho Norte.

We initially thought of dining at Canto because I've read good things about their baby back ribs, but unfortunately, they were close that day.  Ugh, some other time maybe.

I'm not sure if I missed it or what, but I can't seem to remember seeing Rumah Sate. Maybe I was just too hungry that I didn't really notice. 

Among all the restaurants in Ketchup Community, it is Rancho Norte who has the prettiest decors.  I love that they offer al fresco dining so you can really enjoy the cool breeze of Baguio. We were there some time in January so the weather was really good.  

 Rancho Norte Menu

shempre, kodakan muna while waiting for food

 Tomato-Basil Soup
(Green Pepper) 

 Baguio Garden Salad
(Green Pepper)

I forgot what this dish is called but I also ordered it from Green Pepper. This is native chicken and those red bits that you see are strawberry bits.

Unfortunately, we didn't really enjoy these dishes from Green Pepper. The soup was too bland, the salad too simple and this chicken dish is well, confusing. I wasn't able to figure out what it should really taste like.

Now, let's check out naman what we ordered from Rancho:

Buco ka ba or Melon shake?

I can't remember, hahah! But I remember that it's yummy and flavourful.  Like it has real fruits and not just sugar.

 I think this is Grilled Porkchop.  

Fish Sinigang

Sarap-asim!  I don't usually go for fish when it comes to sinigang because more often than not, it's too malansa. This one, was not!  

 Lechon Kawali

Chopsuey with Bag-Net 

Who loves gulay as much as I do?

 Crispy sisig

Oh so sinful, and yet so yummy!

I also wanted to try out Kare-Kare but they stopped me. They said we have too much already.  Oh my, I don't think there's such thing as too much for me when it comes to food. The more, the merrier!  #thisiswhyimfat

Overall, we did love our dining experience at Rancho Norte. As for Green Pepper, maybe we just didn't order the right dishes. I'm sure they also have amazing food. So yes, I can see myself giving it another chance next time.  But I'd like to try Canto first.  I am a meat-lover and I am just so curious about their fall-off-the-bones baby back ribs.  

I find the prices affordable (or maybe it's just because I'm comparing it with the prices here in the UAE?) and besides, a dish is already good for sharing. Unless you'd be sharing with me! Hahaha.  

Oh, I remember my sister ordering a cup of hot choco and got disappointed. She said it only tasted like Milo. I pacified her by promising her that we'd check out Tsokolate de Batirol at Camp John Hay.  

By the way, just in case you missed it and you are planning to stay in Baguio, check out my post about Peredo's Lodging.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, my loves!

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Lizzie said...

Food. Om nom nom nom nom!

Unknown said...

aww, I was looking forward to see what Rumah Sate has got to offer since I'm a malay. Love the concept of Ketchup Community, but just imagine if they add a few more restaurants? Some korean, japanese, arabic... *salivating*

Unknown said...

life's so come you stay so slim, lizzie? ^_^

Aww, my apologies my dear Aisyah if I wasn't able to feature Rumah Sate. I didn't see it when we visited. I'm sure they will open a few more restaurants in the future, well...let's keep our fingers crossed. hehehe

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