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Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacqe

I've always been intrigued in one of the makeup brands here in the UAE called Bourjois.  I remember getting my first Bourjois items a few years ago from my Ate Grace who lives in UK.  She sent me these cute blush compacts from the brand and I just loved them to bits.  I think I actually hit the pan on those. I wanted to check out more stuff from the brand but sadly, Bourjois is not available in PH.

When I got an invite to a Bourjois event some few weeks ago, I was heartbroken that it is going to be on a weekday. Seriously PR people, why do you do events on a weekday and during office hours? Why, oh why!? 

(wipes tears and goes back to this post)

A few hours later, I saw that Bourjois launched their new line of lippies called Aqua Lacqe. I've been meaning to check it out but given my new work location and schedule, I just didn't get the chance yet.  Good thing, some of the shades are included in the goodie bag that I got during the recent Oblogger Party. YAY!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque
(AED 79)
The non-sticky formula glides on easily, creating a water-light sensation on the lips. And what's more, it has Nymphaea extract to smooth and moisturise.  It is available in 8 mouth-watering shades, from soft nudes to statement brights. THE AQUA FACTOR? Once applied, it doesn't run or feather so no need for a lip liner.
Shades available:
01 Appechissant, a punchy nude color for a healthy glow
02 Rose on the rock, A rose nude shade. 
03 Brun'croyable, a brown shade, not chestnut with a hint of pink, red and caramel for an incredible result
04 Viens si tu roses, not really pink or red and is almost a raspberry color.
05 Red my lips, an intense red which asserts its personality
06 Feeling reddy, packed full of energy which immediately gives you a boost
07 Fuchsia perche, a fuchsia without a little blue for a more wearable look
08 Babe idole, a bright pink

03 Brun'croyable 

When i first saw the shade, I thought it was just another nude-ish pink that I can add to my growing stash of nude lippies. When I swatched it, I initially thought it's too bright for my liking.  But when I finally applied it on my lips, I was like "ohh, this baby needs to have a place in my everyday makeup kit!"

It is indeed a perfect combination of pink, red and caramel (golden brown?) for a great everyday lippie.  It don't think I have a similar shade in my collection. 

05 Red my Lips

Wanna channel your inner pin-up diva? Then this red is for you. It does remind me of MAC Ruby Woo but this baby is the glossy counterpart.  This is the kind of red which makes one with any skintone look brightened up. I definitely see myself wearing just this plus an oversized pair of sunnies (plus my groomed brows) for a lazy, but still made-up look this summer.  I let hubby take a look of me wearing this and he did give me his sign of approval. He usually hates me wearing reds, but obviously, this one's an exception.

These lippies come off sheer on the first layer but putting on another layer does the trick if you want a more intense color. It applies oh-so-smoothly and you would love the instant cooling sensation on your lips.  It's something that will definitely help you cool off during this summer.  It has this wet-look shine that I'm sure not everybody would be a fan of, but hey, remember that glossy finishes can actually make you look a lot younger and your lips fuller. So give your mattes some rest and check these babies out!

You'd also be surprised on how light it feels on the lips. They are indeed glossy but definitely not sticky!  And as per the brand's claim, it doesn't feather so no lip liner required.

As for the staying power, it is quite good as long as you don't drink on a cup/glass or let anything brush against your lips. These lippies don't claim to be transfer-proof anyway. I apply it in the morning around 630AM and it looked as if it has been freshly applied around lunch time.  

If you're a fan of (really) glossy pouts, check these new lippies from Bourjois . They have 8 shades available and I'm pretty sure there's one or two shades (or more!) you'd find that would suit you.  Once I get the chance, I'd be running to the nearest Boots to get me that 01 shade as it says nude on the shade description, haha!

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Kiran Imtiaz said...

Both shades are stunning.

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