Monday, May 4, 2015

My Favourite False Eyelashes ATM: Red Cherry Lashes

In one of my previous posts, I did mention that wearing false eyelashes has become usual for me. If back in PH I only wear them on special events and parties, here in the UAE, I feel like my eye makeup is missing something if I don't put on some false eyelashes. I kinda feel like it's my makeup's cherry on top. And it helps that I don't get to encounter judgmental people who stares at you like you're from outer space when they see you with full makeup + false eyelashes on. Hahaha! I guess it's because to see someone here with really full and luscious lashes, be it real or fake, is just usual here.  

I have used different brands of false eyelashes in the past. There's 3S Lashes which for me, is still the easiest to use because all you have to do is put it on your lash lines, no glue needed! I've also used those from MAC, but since they are really pricey, I set them aside for very special occasions. Those from Landmark are good too, but since they aren't made up of human hair, they can be heavy and the lash band can be stiff. But those are still my best bet if you want something cheap, and something you can wear for a quick shoot. 

These days, the brand that I'm mostly using when it comes to false eyelashes is Red Cherry.  I remember getting my first pair from an online store years ago but I got the wrong design so I didn't really bother using it.  But when my friend Sol of Digitaltraincase sent me some pairs to try, there was no looking back ever since.  So today, let me show you the designs that I currently have and which ones I mostly use.

Red Cherry Eyelashes
(Php 160 or Php180, depends on the design)

I don't think Red Cherry are available in stores here in the UAE so I get my stash from Digitaltraincase.  By the way, they have an ongoing promo where if you buy 6 pairs, you'd get them for Php130/pair. You just use the coupon code LASHLOVE when you checkout.  And yes, they ship worldwide.

Anyway, here are 12 of the designs that I currently have.  I actually had more, like the 213 and 503 but I've used them for more than 5x already so they don't really look nice anymore. And besides, I already lost the boxes. Hahaha. Sorry!

One thing I like about Red Cherry lashes is that they have clear/invisible bands.  This actually makes them look more natural when worn and I find them more comfortable too.  

Now, let's check the designs one by one:



Adds a bit of length and volume to your natural eyelashes.  If you are just starting to explore the world of falsies, you can start with this pair. 

DS 04

For some, they find it disturbing to wear full falsies as it tends to sort of block your vision most especially on the inner corners of your eyes.  Good thing there are demi (or half)  wispies like this design. This design is very much applicable if you are channeling a pin-up makeup look where you only want that bit of flare on the outer part of your lashes.


Next to 213 (sorry no photo, sniff!) this is also my favourite.  It's full, and yet looks natural.


The more fluttery version of DW.  Still looks natural.


This is really pretty, but for my eyes, it does look a bit over board most especially if you'd check it out from the sides and with my eyes open. They are just too long for me to look natural.  But that won't stop me from wearing this pair. I'd wear this on a night out matched with a smouldering eye makeup.


This pair looks pretty good when I have my eyes open, but when they're not, I think they look unnatural. Maybe because of the gaps?  I guess if you already have the length, and you're just after for more volume then this pair gonna suit you.


Tamer (less wispy and less fluttery) version of 43, imho. 



Fuller and longer version of my favourite, 213.  I won't be wearing this during the day, though. 


Another natural-looking pair.  


For me, this is a much fuller version of 217. 


If you like fuller-looking lashes but don't really go for the flutter on the outer corners, then this one's for you. It looks natural when you have your eyes open.


I gotta say this is the least that I like. It does look natural when you have your eyes open but when you are looking down, they look fake. Maybe because I find it too rounded?  But it's just me, don't hate me if you happen to like this pair!

Okay, okay. I really suck in describing these lashes but I do hope that my photos wearing them did help you even for a bit.  

So for a round up, why do I like Red Cherry False Eyelashes?

- They are made of 100% human hair, making them light and comfortable when worn. And they stay that way even when worn for a long period of time.
- They look natural, well, most of them are.
- Most of the designs fit my eye shape/size. No need to cut to adjust the length of the band.
- They have clear or invisible bands making them comfortable to wear. I was able to use some brands where the band tends to become stiff after a few hours it just feels so irritating. 
- They are cheap. Well it is more expensive than those falsies from landmark and other brands but with its price, I can really say it is of high quality and comparable with those from other high-end brands.
- I can use them more than once. I've used some of them for 5-6x already and they still look good and still comfortable when worn. 

Is there anything I don't like about these lashes?
Yes. They are not available in stores here in the UAE. I need to hoard more 213s and DWs soon!

How about you, do you wear falsies?
 What is your favourite brand?

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Unknown said...

I LOVE THESE <3 Thank you for your post ate xx miss you.. also, you can get these for 30dhs each from the pro makeup boutique in Oasis Mall..I also got the 415's on sale on alshop for 20 dhs.

Iambrigitte said...

I miss you too farida, let's meet again soon!

Unknown said...

Oh my.. I love flaunting my full lashes and even wearing falsies. So #412. #415 please! =)

Unknown said...

For me, wearing false eyelashes are so cute and really make me feel confident and beautiful.

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