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OBlogger Party At The Largest Spa In The Middle East, The Beauty Connection Spa

When I got the invite from Sarah (OpinionatedSarah) for the Oblogger party two weeks ago, I just knew I would not miss it for the world.  Why? One: I had a great time last year during the first Oblogger party as I've finally got the chance to meet fellow bloggers I've been lurking online (tee-hee!), got my hands on amazing goodie bags and well, I won an Escada sunglasses!  And two:  It will be held in the largest beauty spa in the Middle East, the Beauty Connection Spa.  As I've mentioned on my Birthday Wishlist blog post, I am on the lookout for a good spa where I can spend half a day (or a day) just pampering myself. So I told myself this is a chance for me to check out one of the most talked about spa here in the UAE.

The spa's reception area

Just looking at the main reception alone, you'd know this spa is really huge. The entire spa area is covering 30,000 square feet. Now if that's not huge enough for you, I don't know what else is.

But don't worry about getting lost. As soon as you go beyond the reception area, you'd be guided by coloured tubes from the ceilings.  There are 6 areas and each area has a designated color tube:

 Red tube is for the Red Nail Avenue, their nails spa section

 Green tube for Facial, their facial spa section

 Orange tube for Hair-A-Cut, their hair salon section

 Blue tube for Hammam, where you can have your steam/turkish baths

 Purple tube for I-Brows, where you can have eyebrow services done

and last, but not the least:

Yellow tube for Wax District, for their wax services

the rooms for wax services

I was really amazed and can't keep myself from saying "Wow!" while we were having the spa tour. The spa is indeed huge. Not sure if this is the world's largest spa, but I am sure that I have never seen a spa this huge. But despite the huge area, you can see that it well-managed and they really keep it clean. Their decors are cool and modern and they even have inspirational/witty quotes on their walls.  One quote that I love is "People will stare, make it worth their while."

By the way, before the spa tour, I was warmly welcomed by Aubrey who also ushered me to the Red Nail Avenue area to have my nails done. Blogger guests can either have a manicure or a pedicure, plus a 15% off voucher for our next visit.

I got myself a manicure and a chance to try out a red nail polish from Koko.  I'm not sure where it's made but after seeing how it applies and how it looks like after, I can say it's one good nail polish brand. It gives a gel polish-like finish and it remained chip-free on me for 5 days! Too bad I wasn't able to get some as I definitely want to try out more colors.

with Carine (TheGlamCrushChronicle) and Zahra (Glamzeee)

The one who did my nails is a kabayan and she did an amazing job. She saw that I have thin cuticles and that my nails are weak, so she was extra careful. I'll definitely look for you, Ate, when I get back!

 Raise your hands if you want a nail polish collection like this one!
(raises both hands and feet, a pout included)

the nail-drying area

One stand-out feature of the spa is their vending machines. You can buy the items that will be used on services that will be done on you. You can throw it away or bring it with you after.  This way, you are assured that the stuff that will be used on you hasn't been used on somebody else.  You can also buy retail items like polish, hair products, etc. from these vending machines.

during the Spa tour

 with Zarah and Aubrey

 with fellow bloggers

 Oblogger Party Goodies

Thanks again Sarah for inviting me and giving me the chance to be a part of the OBlogger Party for the second time around.  It was indeed a party one wouldn't dare to miss!  Also, thanks to Beauty Connection Spa for having us and for taking care of us. Your staff are so polite and made sure that we are having a great time at the spa. I will definitely be coming back for a good "Me-Time" soon!

Beauty Connection Spa is located at Eiffel 2 Building, Al Thanya Exit 41, Sheikh Zayed Road, Near FGB Metro Station above Lime Tree, Dubai. You can also call them at 800 22772.

By the way, there's no need to set an appointment at the spa. They have a number of dedicated staff so there's no waiting time either. 

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