Thursday, June 25, 2015

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte

Ah finally, my first NARS lipstick!  And yes, it's named after me.  Hahaha, I wish!  All these 40 shades from the Audacious lipstick line are named after women who have inspired Francois Nars.  I'm just lucky may katukayo ako among these women.

These lippies were launched Fall of last year and one of my blogger friends told me that one  of the shades has my name. It got me excited since it's the first time there's a makeup with my name but I never got to check it out until last month. O-ha, my EQ has indeed levelled-up with regards to buying makeup.  Hindi na ako ganon kaadik, I think.  Hahaha.

Priced at AED 165, this has got to be the most expensive lippie in my stash.  I must admit I was hesitant to buy it at first, because 1) I am not really a lippie-kind-of-person and 2) I already have a lot!  So I couldn't really justify the moolah I'd be shelling out for just one lipstick. But then again, it has my name on it eh!  So I know I really need to buy it.  Okay fine, don't judge me. 

As per NARS, this shade is categorized as a nude rose.  Really, this is a nude shade?  I don't think so my dear, but nope, I am not in any way complaining.  I fell inlove on the first swipe.  It glides on oh-so-smoothly on the lips, absolutely no tugging.  But take note, this lippie is not as light on the lips as you'd want it to be. I mean it does feel light, but not as light as if you're not wearing any lipcolor on.  It's not sticky, it has no smell and migawd, the pigmentation is just amazeballs! It really goes opaque in a swipe.  Longevity is also good as it lasts about 4-5hrs on me with some snacking and drinking in between. I'm not sure why on the above photos it looks like it settled into my lip lines but really, it doesn't.  Maybe I was dehydrated when I took these swatches. Hahaha!

Packaging is such an eye candy too. Black on black has always been classy and I really like  the magnetic closure. You'd love to hear the sound of the "click" whenever you'd put the cap back on.  I do!

One thing I notice though is that when freshly applied, it does appear rosey-pink on me but give it some time and it will look coral-ish. Weird?  Whatever, I still love it!

What's there not to love anyway. Ah, the price! I also wanted to get Anita and Anna but Mr. X was with me that time so I didn't. He already went crazy after seeing the price for a single tube of lipstick, so how much more if I wanna go home with 3? Hahaha! So yes, maybe some other time...when he's not with me. (wink)

How about you, have you ever come across something that has your name on it? What did you do? Did you buy it or deadma lang? 

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Beauty by Tellie said...

Dedma muna. Many shades are tricky so it's hard to base on online swatches and they're always out of stock so no testers din.

Unknown said...

I wish a makeup would be named after me, will definitely buy it! kaya lang pano magkakaron ng makeup name na Russelle? eh pang lalake un..
I don't want the Anne naman, in case, common masyado eh. hehe

Anonymous said...

If I had a lipstick with my name on it, I'd get it too haha - that kind of thing just sucks me in. You're lucky, that shade with your name is pretty on you!

Unknown said...

hahah deadma! pero true, I also don't recommend buying makeup without trying them out first. beauty by tellie

bah, malay natin sis bigla ngang magkaroon ng Russelle! Hehehe ganda nga ng name mo sis :) anne_22

nsinganon thanks! :)

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