Monday, June 22, 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Liquid and Powder Foundation

Opps, I did it again...I went MIA in updating this blog for weeks.  I know, I know...I've been promising that I would try to update more often but I just keep on breaking that promise.  It's just that a lot have been going on and no matter how hard I try, I keep on losing my focus. I've been worrying too much lately about things and I admit, sometimes I find myself wondering if it's still worth it to keep going on or if it's better to just let go, and accept that maybe, some things aren't just meant for me after all. I'm just human, I also get tired and I tend to lose hope too.  

Anyway, I am sorry for messing up your Monday with my kadramahan.  I just need to let some of these out, or else I'd go crazy.  I'm not sure if you still read my full blog entry or you just scan through the post, but if you do and you get to read these lines, please say a little prayer for me.  I really appreciate it, most especially during these times that I kinda feel alone.

-- end of drama here --

Today, let me share with you another foundation that I've been liking these days. The last foundation I have reviewed was the L'oreal Infallible liquid foundation and don't get me wrong, I still love that foundation but fellow makeup junkies would surely understand why we  keep on exploring new options.  Yes?  

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Liquid and Powder Foundation
A long lasting makeup that gives skin a natural look and a barely there feel.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Nude Liquid Foundation

Sorry I forgot the price but me thinks it doesn't cost more than AED 80.

This comes in a glass packaging, so if you're as careless as I am, be extra careful!  I did drop this once but it didn't break, so maybe this is made of a thicker kind of glass but even so, make sure to handle this with care.

Oh yes, it comes with a pump!

Classic Ivory - True Beige

I initially got the Classic Ivory as a press sample but it's too light on my skin so I got myself a darker shade so I can just mix both.  It's still hard for me to find an exact shade on some foundations so this is what I usually do, buy a lighter shade and a darker shade.

bare, moisturised face

with foundation - without foundation

After a layer of foundation (applied with a damp beauty blender), you can see that it already made my skin look so much better. It minimized the redness and concealed some of the scars and pigmentations.

wearing 2 layers of foundation

It dries to a smooth, velvety finish that you don't even need to set with powder but if you have oily skin like me, I would suggest you dust a bit of powder on your oil-prone areas.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Foundation
(AED 49)

This time, I got a darker shade as a sample (Warm Honey) so I bought the Soft Beige.  Whenever I find the mixture of the two shades of the liquid foundation too light (I am still no expert on mixing shades), I use the Warm Honey to tone it down.  But on most days, I first apply Warm Honey to set the foundation then after I am done with my makeup, I again dust the powder all over my face but this time, with the Soft Beige shade.

This travel-friendly compact comes with a mirror and a sponge, but I prefer a powder brush to apply.

It does say that it can be used either wet or dry but I haven't used this wet.  I can't remember using any powder foundation wet.  I don't know but I am just not comfortable getting any of my powdered makeup wet.  

Soft Beige - Warm Honey

with 2 layers of liquid foundation + powder foundation 

Overall, I am liking these foundations from Rimmel.  I've been using this on most days, most especially if I am going elsewhere after office.  I did try applying it without a primer and it still looked good after long hours. I see no difference when it comes to its longevity when worn with or without a primer.   This combo of the liquid and powder foundation really gives a natural look that will never look cakey even when applied in layers. I usually wear 2 layers of the liquid foundation and when I don't use a separate concealer, I stipple another layer on areas that I need to cover.  

It stays put from morning until I remove it at night (after 10hrs or so). I remain oil-free for 5hrs and when I do, I only see a bit of shine on my T-zone.  I once left my makeup kit at home (with my oil-blotting sheets and powder) so I wasn't able to touch up the whole day. I did look shiny but nothing awful or disgusting really. Hindi naman ako mukhang pwede ng pagprituhan ang mukha, LoL!

No allergic reactions after weeks of wearing this almost everyday too!  So yes, these foundations are such winners in my book.

My only complain is that it does give off a white cast when your photo is taken with flash. The liquid foundation has SPF20 so that explains it. I really don't mind though, as I haven't tried wearing this on occasions when flash photos will be taken. 

Will I re-purchase? Of course, but not soon. A little goes a long way and I have two bottles that I mix so I think I'll have enough of this foundation for a year even if I use it everyday.

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Anonymous said...

It's great to you didn't get allergies or pimples after using these. That has always been an issue to me when picking foundations because some are too thick that my skin starts to itch after a few hours or so and then a big pimple at the end of the day. I'll try Rimmel foundations when I'm out of the current brand I'm using. :)


About you being sad. You need a dose of happy! Every once in a while go for a spa, relax and eat any food you want as a treat. :)

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