Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Scent: Eternity Summer 2015 (for Women) by Calvin Klein

Happy Tuesday, my loves!

Oh-Em-Gee, can you believe it's June already?  Don't get me wrong, it's also the 2nd of June here on my side of the world, it's just that my reaction came too late. LOL!   But seriously, time really flies.  It feels like we've just celebrated New Year the other day!

Anyway, summer is definitely on here in the UAE. I think our temperature here reaches almost 40C (or beyond?) during the day.  I get off from the office at around 5-ish and as soon as I step out, I feel like I'm in sauna or there's a tambutso (car exhaust) right in front of my face.  It's so freakin' hot!  But if you think that's too hot already, just wait until it's July or August when our temperature reaches as high as 50C! So whenever I talk to my friends in Manila and they complain how hot it is there, I'd be like, "yeah, whatever!"

Summer is all about florals, loose and light-colored clothes and of course, fragrances that will leave you smelling fresh and airy. Let's set aside our heavier scents for now and wear something that is simple and light. So today I'm gonna share with you one of the summer fragrances that I am using (and liking) at the moment, the Eternity Summer (2015) for Women:

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2015 For Women
(AED 310)

Top notes: green pear, mandarin, watermelon
Mid notes: pink peony, water lily, blue hyacinth
Base notes: white amber, musk, sandalwood

I am no expert when it comes to the technicality behind these perfumes (notes? what notes!?) so let me just say this is a great summer scent, if you want something that is simple and fresh.  It's light, refreshing and is great for daytime use. This would suit women at any age, but since the scent is simple, fun and sort of playful, I think this would suit younger women. And that includes me! 
(violent reactions not welcome)

It actually reminds me of one of the scents from Bench that I was using way back in high school.  I remember buying backups of that scent just because I was too scared to run out of it. At times, this also smells like one of the variants of Angels Breath.  I am not sure if you are familiar with that but it's one of those scents that you won't get enough of...at least for me.

Maybe I'm weird, but I actually prefer a perfume packaging that doesn't come with a cap.  I lose it all the time anyway!

Since this has a light scent, sillage is not as good as my other perfumes and as for longevity, it only stays on for a good 2-3hours.  I don't really mind spraying again though, as I find the scent energizing and refreshing. It is my instant pampagising (pick-me-upper) during mid-day!

How about you, what is your summer scent?

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