Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes

It's no secret that I am so into false lashes these days. Heck, I even feel like my eye makeup is not complete without it.  So yes, I wear falsies almost everyday.  I am just lucky that people around me now are used to seeing women with long, luscious lashes, be it falsies or natural.  Unlike before, I get stares as if I am somebody out of this world. Haha!

But applying false lashes can be quite time-consuming.  So I still wish that I have naturally long and luscious lashes, who doesn't? I've tried a number of lash serums in the past but never really got to see results. Blame it on me though, as I was not that consistent in using them.

So when I got this Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes during the Oblogger Party last month, I knew I finally have an alternative to wearing false eyelashes.

Magnifibers Brush-On False Lashes
(AED 150)

As per the product blurb, this brush-on natural fibres can create a stunning false lash effect in seconds and  can be used between coats of your favorite mascara.

I didn't read the box it came with and went right away to checking out the product so I was surprised to see a wand with white fibres. I was actually expecting something like the Lash King from Majolica Majorca or the I Am The One from Happy Skin. I got disappointed actually but then again that's what I get from not reading the packaging first, haha! Anyway, this isn't the first time I come across such product, I've seen the same thing from K-Palette, only that it's dual-ended: a mascara on one end and a wand with cotton-y, white fibres on the other end.

It does look like alikabok to me.

How To Apply:

To make sure that no fiber gets into your eyes, tilt your head down when brushing the wand onto your lashes.  I never experienced getting some fibres in my eyes but I read a few reviews that it may hurt for a time then it disappears. Not sure why and how, but me thinks it dissolves when it gets wet? (confused)

Anyway, now let's see if this product really delivers its promise:

curled, without mascara VS curled with one layer of mascara

curled, with a layer of mascara 
(I used the L'oreal Manga Mascara)

a layer of the white fibres
(so this is how uban on the lashes look like, hahaha!)

after another layer of the L'oreal mascara 

a layer of mascara VS
 a layer of mascara +  magnifibres + another layer of mascara

As you can on the above photo, my lashes have been significantly volumized.  Not much length has ben added though.

with magnifibres - without magnifibres

with magnifibres VS without magnifibres

My right eye really looks like I am wearing falsies, but more natural-looking.

What I Like:
Easy to use, just brush it against the lashes like you would a normal mascara
It feels light even when layered a number of times
It adds volume. Hello, luscious lashes!
It looks more natural than when you are wearing falsies

What I Don't Like:
It doesn't add much length. Those with already long lashes will definitely love this. 
It's expensive and since you don't get to see how much fibre is inside the tube, you won't know how long it will last.
It says it works well with any type of mascara, but not really.  Well actually it does, but it works better with those with wetter formulations.
A good eye makeup remover is a must as this can be a pain in the b*tt to remove.

To get better results, make sure to apply the white fibres while your mascara is still wet. Else, it won't stick.  If you want more volume, just re-apply the white fibres after each coat of  your mascara. I find that applying more than 2 sets (mascara-fibres-mascara-fibres-mascara) will already make your lashes look clumpy.  So I would suggest stopping after the second set/layer.

Now you might ask, "But you can achieve the same results with just layering your usual mascara, right?"  I'd say yes. You'd definitely get the volumized look, but not as natural. And  you'd definitely feel your lashes getting heavy when you layer your usual mascara, say, 3-4 times?

Overall, I am liking this product. But since I like to have volume + length, I'd still prefer wearing my falsies. If I want to look more natural and still want to make my eyes pop, then I will use this instead.

So what do you think, is it worth giving a try or you'd rather stick on your usual mascara or you'd just wear falsies? Lemme know!
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Beauty by Tellie said...

Have you tried focusing the application of fibre on the tips of your lashes alone? I attended a workshop (forgot which brand na) that had a fiber mascara as well. The makeup artist said if you apply like regular mascara, you'll get volume. If you apply to the tips, you'll get length.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great product and you can clearly see the difference it makes! Thanks for the review :)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha I LOL'd at the "uban" comment! :P Interesting how this made your lashes seem fuller!

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