Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Favorite Brand of Falsies For Everyday Use

I think a colleague of mine just realized that I am indeed wearing falsies (almost) everyday. She approached me one day and said, "You must have been spending a lot of money in buying a lot of false lashes since the cheapest (branded) we have available here is from Ardell which costs AED25.  And since you can only use it 3-4times max, I am wondering how many pairs you buy each time."
Hmm, I didn't know she's already over-analyzing my addiction to falsies. LOL!
Anyway, I told her that yes, I buy a lot of falsies but no, I don't spend a lot of moolah.  I'm just lucky that I was able to get my hands on a brand (wait, it actually doesn't have a brand name!) that is cheap and still of good quality. 
Here it is:
I'm sure that some of you knows this brand (geesh, there is no brand name ang kulit mo lang). I actually got it as a gift from a good friend of mine in PH. She said it costs Php150 a box, which houses 10 pairs of natural-looking lashes.  I think she got it somewhere in Quiapo.

If it costs Php150, then a pair costs Php15 which is more or less AED1.25.
Not bad ha! 
A closer look:

I really like this style. For me it still looks natural.  It's like My-Falses-But-Longer, if there's such a thing, Hahah!  Seriously, I like that it doesn't look so fake.  If you do, then problema mo na yun. Basta for me, it looks natural, period.

It's easy to use and apply.  I just cut the excess strip from both ends, which is just the part that's being used for the lashes to stick on the box. So I am not really cutting off any lash from strip.  I'm not sure if it will fit perfectly on others, but on me, it's perfect!
It feels light too. I used to like the lashes from Landmark before, which if my (poor) memory serves me right, costs Php45-50 a pop. They have styles that look natural too, but when worn, it kinda feels heavy.  This style doesn't give much volume, only length. So when I want more volume, I use two on each eye. Still, it feels light and looks natural.
So there you go. This is the brand (or no-brand) of falsies that I use almost everyday.  Sometimes I use a pair two twice and it's still fine.  On some days when I want my lashes to look more dramatic, I turn to my Red Cherry or Ardell.
I am down to my last box, so I'm sure I'd be hoarding when I get home to PH. Which by the way is a week from now.

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Unknown said...

P65 lang to sa may quiapo, sa mga bilihan ng salon products. You must hoard talaga kasi they're really super cheap.

Unknown said...

Naku, talaga sis marielle? Thanks for the info. I will check it out pagdating ko. Super like ko sha, cheap pero okay naman quality. Ok na sha for personal and everyday use :)

Unknown said...

Hi Brigitte! May I ask what brand of glue do you use for this? Thanks

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