Friday, July 17, 2015

Thank you!

To all those who took time to visit me in the hospital, to those who sent me their well-wishes and to all those who included me in their prayers, Thank You!

After 4 days of staying in the hospital, I am now back home recovering. The operation went well, and I finally said goodbye to my dysfunctional tubes.  Good thing we opted for an open surgery instead of laparoscopy because if we pushed thru with the latter, they will still end up cutting me open because of the adhesions between one of the tubes and the ovary.  

I now have a 5-6in bikini-cut wound on the lower abdomen.  This somehow gives me an idea how it feels to give birth via CS. I'm sure CS is a lot harder because despite the pain you are feeling, you also have a baby to take care of.  I am still in pain but I can manage it. Buti na lang din I have a high pain tolerance.  The only thing that I hate is that I was advised not to take a bath until my next checkup with my doctor. And that is on Thursday next week. Que horror!  That means I will have to rely on sponge baths for a week. Sniff! Tomorrow, I'll whip up some ninja moves so I can have my hair washed.  I feel so sticky all over!

Again, thank you to all those who have given me a bit of their time to see me.  Also, I am thankful that I have again reconnected with a good friend whom I thought I have lost forever.  You know who you are. I promise I will not let anything come between our friendship ever again.  

I am a step closer to my ultimate dream of having a baby.  When I get back to UAE, I will give myself 2-3 months to fully recover and then I will start with the IVF process.  It's again going to be a tough road but I am putting my full trust in the Lord that if it is in accordance to His will, He will grant us our wish.  Please continue to pray for us too and for everybody who wishes to have their bundles of joy.

God bless u all!

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Unknown said...

Glad to know that you're feeling better. God bless!

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