Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The June 2015 Glambox

We're on the 2nd week of July and I am posting this just today? Seriously?  Well,  as they say, it's better  late than never!

June 2015 Glambox

Termed by Glambox as their Arabian Nights themed box, this box has a touch of both modern and international beauty picks.  It has skincare, makeup, fragrance, nail care and what excites me the most, a generous strip of temporary body stickers inspired by henna tattoos. 

Let's check them out one by one, shall we?

Jergens Smoothing Oud Dry Skin Moisturizer
(AED24 / 600ml)

Inspired by Oud, referred to as probably the most expensive oil in the world, this moisturizer hydrates and improves skin texture paving the way for a visibly smoother, more luminous-looking skin. The scent is a pleasant mixture of sweet, woody, aromatic and musk. I initially thought the scent might be too strong for my liking, but I was wrong.  I get to appreciate it more once applied on the skin. I like using it at night to safe guard my skin from getting dry because of the AC and give my skin that lovely fragrance that really lulls me to sleep. 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
(AED 39)

I love, love this line of nail polish from Sally Hansen. Everything you need in a nail care is in this cute bottle: base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, top coat, anti-chip and a gorgeous nail color with a gel-like shine.  What else can you ask for? The shade that I got is Aria Redy? I'll post an NOTD on my Instagram soon!

Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Eau de Parfum
(AED275 / 100ml)

This is a floral, woody-musk fragrance which for me is sophisticated, elegant and for the more mature crowd of women.  Take note, I am not saying old ha! Mature is the term. And since I go for playful, pa-bata kind-of-scents, this one didn't make the cut. I gave it to a friend though and she likes it. 

Tatu Bijoux
(AED 155 / 24x16cm strip)

This isn't the first time I came across body stickers/tattoos but this one definitely got my two thumbs up!  I haven't tried it on, but just by looking at the design of the strip that I got, I just know that it'll be a hit for me. Tatu offers stylish, innovative and fun temporary jewellery and henna-inspired tattoos that are wearable and elegant. They say that it's easy to use and when applied on the skin, it will lasts for 5-7 days.  Too bad I didn't bring the sample strip with me.  I'll give this a try when I get back to Dubai. Besides, it's always raining in this side of the world and it will just be a waste if this beautiful body ornament will just be hidden under  a jacket.

WOW by Wojooh Lipstuck 
(AED85 / 6.5ml)

According to the brand, this lip lacquer is matte, long-lasting and has a great color payoff. Check out the swatch below: 

Color's intense, indeed!

I tried it on right after I saw it inside the box and the color is really right up in my alley. But it's not as long-lasting as they claim because it started fading as soon as started eating/drinking.  I don't mind though because it really looks nice on me. 

And of course, what's a Glambox box without a couple of vouchers:

Overall, I can say that this box is just a so-so.  I wish they included a full size of the lip item and the lotion. That will make this box a whole lot better.

Any other comments on the last month's box?

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Beauty by Tellie said...

It's always nice to see what other countries' sub boxes offer. I'm pretty glad that ours are quite competitive, though not to say this isn't good at all! I love the lip gloss, does it ever dry matte or did you just photograph too soon?

Unknown said...

i tell you, our boxes are way better! seriously! i just photographed too soon, i'll try to post how it looks on my lips soon. :) Beauty By Tellie

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