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L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints in Blushing, Elude and Hot Mess

I've been lemming over the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks since I first saw swatches online, but the "occasional" kuripot in me kept myself from giving in, so I haven't bought a single tube until now.  So whenever I drop by Sephora, I just try to appease myself by swatching them (kahit paulit-ulit na) and keep on reminding myself that I don't really need them.  I have a lot of lipsticks already and I am not really a lipstick-person to begin with, so why add more to that "unnecessary" clutter?  But then again I remember that it's what I love doing...trying out new/old stuff so I can write about it and share my two cents via this blog.  And besides, I can't really say No to makeup.  If you can, hat's off. But if you are like me, then let's do a high five!

So when I came across a blog post about the "SAVE" version of the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, I got really excited to get my hands on them. A lot of people have been saying that they are the cheaper alternative while some people say otherwise. I have to try it out and see for myself, but I am not really fond of buying makeup online. Not unless I've tried the products before. I really prefer seeing them and swatching them first.  So for the meantime, I just put these Glazed Lip Paints in my list of What-To-Buy (among other things, hahah!) when I get home to PH, because I heard that these babies are already available in SM.  And so when I got the chance to go to SM, you pretty much know what happened next.  (wink!)

There's a number of shades available, including the usual baby and hot pinks but I only got these three:

Glazed Lip Paints swatches
L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints

These Glazed Lip Paints give the intensely pigmented appearance of a lipstick with the ease and glossy finish of a lip gloss.  

Glazed Lip Paints swatches
Blushing - Elude - Hot Mess

Glazed Lip Paints swatches
Blushing - Elude - Hot Mess

Glazed lip paint in Blushing

Glazed lip paint in Blushing
For some, this shade appears mauve-y pink, but on me it appears to be some sort of a deep berry shade.  I know that you know I lean towards nudes when it comes to lip colors but surprisingly, I am loving this shade. It's not an MLBB shade, but I wouldn't mind wearing this as an everyday lippie. It's dark (at least for my usual preference) but not loud.

Glazed lip paint in Elude

Glazed lip paint in Elude

I'm pretty sure you didn't get surprised to see this shade in my stash. It's my usual pale peachy nude, yes!?  I immediately put it in my little shopping basket as soon as I saw it on display.  It's not as opaque as Blushing and I know it looks kinda streaky on me but another layer will make it appear more opaque. I love that I can use this shade to tone down the pigmentation of the other shades, should I feel like doing so.

Glazed lip paint in Hot Mess
Hot Mess

Glazed lip paint in Hot Mess
I got excite for my Mom as soon as I saw this shade on display. She loves lip colors with a hint of orange so I know she'd definitely go gaga over this shade.  It comes off as a bright orange on some, but on me with a naturally-pigmented lips to begin with, it appears more like a darker shade of orange. Same with Elude, it doesn't look as smooth and even on the lips so you'd definitely need to top your initial application with another layer to make it look more opaque.

What I like:

It's cheaper than Too Faced Melted Lipsticks which I think retails for more than a thousand pesos. I got this for less than Php300 at SM but I read that it's a lot cheaper when you get it from local online sellers.

The fresh, minty scent and feel on the lips. It does remind me of the OCC lip tars.

They are crazy pigmented and comes with a lovely shiny, glossy finish. Not the kind of sheen that you get when you eat lechon, ha! (laughs)

A little goes a long way. Remember to use a little amount of product each time and should you need to layer on, let the previous layer to sort of settle first then add another layer.

I love that it's easy to see the shade just by looking at the color of its packaging.

They don't leave my lips feeling dry.

Lasts a good 3-4 hours on the lips without drinking or eating.  It's already a good thing considering it has a glossy finish.

Doesn't feel gooey and overly sticky.

Unlike the first packaging of lip tars, these babies don't leak.

What I don't like:
It has the tendency to settle into the lines on your lips and highlight dryness so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips first.

The applicator makes it look like it is designed to be applied directly on the lips, but just like the first batch of the OCC lip tars, they are really not. I mean, you can but it can be messy most especially if you have thin lips. Better to apply it by lip brush which can be quite time-consuming, or by squeezing out some product on your lips and apply using a finger.

Other shades are not as opaque as I like them to be on the first application.

Overall, I am liking these lip paints though I have been using Blushing more often. I find it to be the most universal shade among the shades that I have tried. I don't think I'd be re-purchasing back-ups or buying the other shades though as I've mentioned, I am not really a lipstick-person.  I'm just glad that I gave these a try. Does this mean my lemming for the melted lipsticks from Too Faced has finally died down?  Hmmm...what do you think?

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