Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Latest Addiction: Plug and Clay Accessories

Oh yes, you've read that right. My addiction nowadays is not makeup, but rather these cute accessories from Plug and Clay. Mind you, aside from being locally made (Pinas), they are made from porcelain clay and are hand-made!

I initially started with 50 pairs because I thought of giving these cuties as pasalubong to my friends when I get back in Dubai.  But after seeing them, I ordered another 20 pairs.   And since they come out with new styles so often, I don't think I'm gonna stop from ordering soon.

Check out some of their available styles:

They also have gauge-inspired earrings:

Hangkyut, di ba!?

They are also coming up with rings, and here is one of their first ever designs:

I seriously want this in all colors!

Here are some photos of the earrings when worn:

Ba-ba-ba Babanana!

And here's one of their latest styles that I need to get my hands on soon:

They also have bracelets and soon, they will have fridge magnets and other accessories.  And since Christmas is fast approaching, these cute stuff can be a great gift idea.  And the best part? They are so affordable. Priced at Php100, you can even get a discount when you buy a lot. You can also ask for customized designs! In my case, I asked for more Minion designs, and they obliged.  

Follow Plug and Clay in Instagram (@plugandclay) for orders and inquiries. You can also reach them at +639273970816.

Happy Sunday, loves!

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