Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 2015 Glambox

Last month's box got me all's why:

Oh yeah, that's 2 full-sized products from The Face Shop and one from L'Oreal!

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion
(AED 120)
One of the brand's innovative products, this is also known as "Cushion Foundation." This isn't the first time I came across a product like this because I've used (and reviewed) the Laneige Soothing Cushion in the past. Products like this is a two-in-one product as it is 80% makeup and 20% skincare!
Unfortunately, the shade that I got is way too light on me. But despite that, I will still give this product a try and will post a review.  I might try to get one with my shade too! 

yep, it comes with a refill too. 

Flower by Kenzo L'Elixir
(AED 420/ 200ml)
First, can I just say how gorgeous this bottle is?  And the smell, just wow!  The scent is not for daytime, as I find it too heavy but it's just me. I'd rather wear this at night time, preferably on date nights because I find the scent sexy!  I also wanna say Hurrah! for Glambox for including samples of perfumes like this one. I honestly don't like it when they include perfume samples which comes in those little 1ml (or less) spray bottles.
VLCC Gentle Clarifying Face Wash
(AED 23/ 150ml)
With ingredients like Wild Turmeric and Arjuna Bark extracts and pure honey, this stuff is a good antiseptic protection for effective cleansing and moisturizing.  It also helps get rid of skin blemishes to reveal smoother and healthier skin. I've tried this once and didn't get any allergic reactions but instead, it instantly calmed my itching and burning skin (no thanks to UAE weather these days). 

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil
(AED 25/ 200ml)
I love that this haircare can be used in 3 ways: 1) as a pre-cleanse treatment which you can apply on your hair before you take a shower (the longer you keep it on, the better), 2) as a conditioner and 3) as a leave-on treatment.  Sulit!  This product is also suitable for us here in the UAE because aside from it softens and makes the hair shiny, it also protects it from heat damage of up to 230 degrees!  Whoa!
And of course, there are also some coupons which honestly, I don't really get to use anyway.  Hehehe. If you want them, shoot me an email and I'd be more than glad to give them to you.

Overall, I can say that last month's box is really worth it.  I just wish that next time, they will consider the receiver's shade before they send out stuff like foundation.  I know that will entail a lot of work on their end, but if that's what will make the customers happy, then so be it. Am I right, or am I right?
Thanks again Glambox and Tish Tash for sending me last month's beauty box, which by the way they call their Holiday Box. I hope that next month's box and those to come will be as good, if not better than this month.

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