Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation Dubai Launch

It seems like the digital revolution will never end. Years ago, advances in the camera technology and HD TV brought about the need for a new level of foundation that will make one look naturally flawless on-camera. With HD cameras, the slightest imperfection will be highlighted. And who would want that?  This need was met by Make Up Forever with their original HD foundation but as we all know, technology is fast evolving. Now, we have 4K HD which means 4x the amount that a regular HD camera has. So yes, this literally means that every little pore will be hugely magnified!
But don't be scared, Make Up Forever has yet again came up with a foundation that will make skin look ultimately flawless and at its perfection all the time, on and off camera. 
Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation
A reformulated, but a lot more better than their original HD foundation, this liquid foundation promises a naturally flawless finish that is undetectable and light on the skin.  It's like your skin but 100000000x better!  Whoaaa, selfie-addicts rejoice!
The launched was held at the Armani Hotel Ballroom in Burj Khalifa last September 7 and was attended by key celebrity makeup artists here in the Middle East.
Here are some photos during the launch:



with the lovely Sachini of Curlyhairedmessymane
I was overwhelmed to see that they have THE Dany Sanz, Founder and Artistic Director of Make Up Forever, as their special guest. I mean, it's such an honor to see her in person.

Dany Sanz
 She's very down-to-earth and she knows her craft really well.  She did a live demo on-stage where she put makeup on a model. I took some video clips as a remembrance. Hahahaha!  She's funny too!

Dany Sanz with some of the renowned makeup artists in the Middle East
Weeks before the launch, our PR friends from Make Up Forever sent foundation shade cards together with the invite. They asked the invitees to choose their shade and post their chosen shade/s on Instagram or via email.  I honestly had a hard time choosing my shade but fortunately, this new foundations have an equivalent shade in their previous formulation. It totally made my life easier.a And I bet, for the others too!
 There are 40 available shades so there has got to be a shade for everyone.  There are two categories: shades starting with R are for those with pink undertones while shades that start with Y are for those with yellow undertones.  I am a 120 in their old formulation and its equivalent is Y245.  For a complete list of shades and their equivalent in the old formula, check Temptalia's post here.
Also launched is the Ultra HD Stick Foundation, a long-lasting, multi-tasking cream cover stick that is great for foundation touch-ups and contouring (even highlighting!).  For this one, only 15 shades are available. But I'm one hella lucky girl because they also have the shade Y245!
The Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation will be available at all Make Up Forever boutiques and other selling points starting October 1.  Same date for the stick foundation but they will only be available at selected Sephora stores.
Ultra HD Foundation - AED210
Ultra HD Stick Foundation - AED170


with Sachini and Farida
my failed OOTD attempt

Thanks Make Up Forever Middle East for the invite and the gift!

I'd be doing a detailed review of the foundation soon, so stay tuned. I've worn it on few occasions and so far, I AM LOVING IT! I tell you my loves, this foundation IS THE BOMB! And yes, I am also getting the stick foundation once it becomes available. (wink!)

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