Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The 30-Day Writing My Life Challege - Day 9: Something That Happened in the Mall

One incident that happened in the mall that I will never forget is when my week-old cellphone got stolen. It was just a few days before Christmas. Me and my sister went inside People are People to check out their sale items when I felt a slight tug on my shoulder bag. I looked down to check on my bag but I already knew something was wrong. I felt like my heart's in my throat. I knew it was the girl who have been cramming herself against me when the shop's not even crowded.  Right after I felt that slight tug, she went straight to the door. I was walking after her while trying to check on my bag but she was rushing.  I was caught in between trying to catch up on her and checking my bag.  And so yeah, my phone's nowhere to be found. I felt my knees went weak, I wanted to cry...and I did.
After 3 hours of mulling over that incident, I went and bought a new phone.
Lesson of the story? Stop crying over spilled milk. Get up and refill your cup.
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