Monday, September 14, 2015

The 30-Day Writing My Life Challenge - Day 13: A Memorable Stranger

This happened around '98 while I was in a bus going to Baguio. It was almost midnight (I usually take the late night trip as I prefer arriving in baguio early morning) and I was sick. I have a high fever and have been coughing and sneezing like there's no tomorrow.

I remember going down the bus during one of the bus stops to buy medicine but when I went back to the bus, somebody was already sitting on my seat (aisle seat). I had little to no energy to confront the lady who took my seat so I sat next to the window instead.  I went back to sleep and I knew my head kept on banging the window.  You know when you sleep while on a sitting position and you lose control over your upper body and your head just starts swinging side to side?  My head was already hurting  but since I was too sick, I just choose to go back to sleep each time I hit my head on the window. 

I was like that for hours then I heard somebody said "Miss, can we swap seats please?" He was talking to the lady sitting beside me, yes, t he one who stole my seat.  I didn't get to hear everything he said but I think he said something like he knows me.  So they swapped seats. I looked at him and he smiled. Usually, I'd smile back but again, I was too sick. I went back to sleep then I felt my head hit the window again. I fixed myself and closed my eyes, then when I felt like I was again going to hit my head, I felt a hand swooped my head away from the window. I looked and it was the guy sitting next to me. He placed my head on his shoulder and he said "you can sleep there so you won't hit your head on the window." I was shocked, but I appreciated the gesture. He's trying to help and I need help, so why not. Besides, it was not like he's trying to take advantage or anything. He went down when we arrived at another bus stop and when he got back, he had a cup noodle with him. He said I should eat then drink my medicine again, which I did. 

I was able to sleep soundly after that. At times I could feel his hand holding my head to make sure it won't hit the window whenever the bus would turn.  I felt safe and comfortable.  I slept the entire trip and when I woke up, we were already in Baguio and was just in time for us to go down the bus.  We got up and when I looked at him, it was only then when I saw that he's wearing a white uniform from another university in Baguio. I think he's a medical student.  He smiled and asked me how I'm feeling and I said I'm fine. I sheepishly said "thank you" and he replied "You are most welcome."  He let me walk out the aisle first. Then I just realized how embarrassing it was, because who knows, I might have been sleeping with my mouth open and with my saliva dripping. LOL! Thank God di pa so ang camera phones that time. So I walked fast and I knew that he was trying to catch up with me. I walked faster, hailed a taxi and left.  I looked back and when he saw me looking, he smiled and waved his hand goodbye.  

I know I should've at least asked for his name, but I didn't. Naunahan na ako ng hiya and besides, he didn't ask my name either.  But yes, I was really thankful that there was this stranger who took care of me. He could've just slept the entire trip but he looked after me instead.  I could no longer remember how he looks like, but I will always remember his kindness towards another stranger.  Faith in humanity restored!

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Unknown said...

Eh bakit ako kinikilig sa post na to?? Hahaha. Ang haba ng hair!

Unknown said...

Hahaha! SAyang nga may tsura pa naman si kuya LOL anne_22

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