Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The 30-day Writing My Life Challenge (Day 2) : My First Heartbreak

'cause it's my first broken heart
my dreams within have ended
it's my first broken heart
I don't know how to mend it
tell me where do I start
'cause it's my first broken heart
Would you believe I was actually singing those lines when I got my heart broken the first time? Hahaha. I was such an emotera that time. But hey, aren't we all that emotera if we get our hearts broken? 
Anyway, that was year 1993.  I was in 2nd year HS then and it was when I got my first suitor.  Geesh, I can even remember the date and the time he called me on the phone and asked me if he can court me.  Yes my loves, in my time, a boy who wants to court a girl must let her know that he is going to court her.  Hindi uso ang pakiramdaman that time. Hahaha!
So going back, he did start courting me and I think there were a number of times that he did go to our house to "formally" court me. Here's another funny fact: I promised myself that the only time that I will let a guy come in to our house, is when he's already my boyfriend.  That means, hanggang garden lang ang mga suitors!  He was nearing a month of courting me when I had to leave for the Christmas break because Mom and I were going to Japan.  He then asked me if he can take me out for meryenda (not lunch or dinner, but meryenda's not even called "coffee" back then whahahaa!) and so I said yes.  Of course at that time kilig kilig ako as it's going to be my first date.  Now the weird thing is, he asked somebody else (another guy classmate of ours) to pick me up just because he was scared of my Lolo.  E si Lolo di type ang arrive ni classmate. So when the other guy came and asked for me, my Lolo said, "she went to Japan already and is not coming back!" And shempre, cellphones are not yet uso that time so they can't confirm it with me directly.
My suitor didn't call (via the landline) that night and Mom and I had to leave the next day. There were no communication of any sort (di pa uso si internet, kahit text messages wala hahaha) so yes, 3 weeks of zero usap.
When I came back, I learned that he got close to another girl who was also in our class and that he's sort of courting her. There was even a play starred by the two of them where they played as sweethearts.  Ay kaloka, I tell you, my heart was breaking into pieces while watching the play.  But shempre, taguan eh..taguan ng feelings ang uso. LOL!  At that time, I was really hurt.  Mababaw you might say, but hey, I was still young that time. Malay ko bang may mga hihigit pang heartbreaks after!? Hahahaha.
And that song?  I was singing it while crying and in front of the mirror pa.  I was that emotera, and I think I still am.
To that guy who caused me my first heartbreak, I am glad we are still friends up to now.  We never got to talk about it really but I know that you know I also had feelings for you back then. Ewan ko ba madali ka nainip at hindi mo man lang ako hinintay. 
Would you mind sharing your first heartbreak too?

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Unknown said...

ahahah mas nakakaloka ang first bf ko nandito din sa dubai...wahahahah buti nlang kasal na kame pareho ahahaha! #emoteralang pero wala padin tatalo sa tatay ko wahahah!

Unknown said...

hahahaha...ang saya magreminisce. or let's say nakakainis? ^_^ Beverly Anne

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