Saturday, September 5, 2015

The 30-Day Writing My Life Challenge: An Inanimate Object That's Important To Me

Oh Saturday, why must you come? Tomorrow's gonna be a Sunday and the start of another (crazy) week. It's unfair that weekdays come in 5 days while weekends come in only 2. Sigh. But let's not dwell on that "disappointment," shall we? Besides, 

For today's topic on the 30-day WML Challenge, it's all about that inanimate object that's important to me. I've thought long and hard as to what this thing's gonna be.  Will it be my eyebrow makeup or my concealer? Or my laptop? Then it just hit me. It has got to be nothing else but my....

Na-ah, it's my cellphone!

It's the one thing that makes me feel connected to everybody and to anything. Be it with my family, my friends or even with my work.  Oh yeah, I have my work email in it as well!  Whenever I miss somebody, I send them a message or better yet, give them a call. If I'm in the mood for some throwback memories, I just browse my phone gallery and whenever I do, it never fails to make me smile (or get teary-eyed, even).  Photos bring back memories I had  with anybody. Be it good or bad.  

If I need to check on about almost anything: unfamiliar word, directions or even a good place to eat, I always depend on my phone.  A long time ago, I can't leave the house without  wearing a watch. I just feel lost without it. But now with my cellphone, I can.  It's my alarm clock which I also use to remind me on almost anything: meetings, taking of vitamins, etc.  If   I need to record something like meeting notes or presentations, I take photos. If I want to remember anything, I use my phone.  

I remember some years ago, my week-old phone got stolen.  My Mom told me not to buy immediately and since she'd be buying a new one in a few days, she'll give me her old phone (which is not really old, as it was only a few months old). Sayang daw my money if I'll buy a new phone aged-agad. It was nearing Christmas day and I didn't have a budget to buy a new phone. Di ko naman alam na mawawalan ako eh.  Anyways, guess what, I bought a new one on the same day I lost my phone. I was trying to pacify myself for two hours but on the 3rd hour, I just told myself that "No, I cannot not have a phone for a few more hours or days." Low EQ? Maybe yes.  But believe me, I just can't imagine my life without a cellphone.  Please, don't judge me.

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