Monday, September 7, 2015

The 30-Day Writing My Life Challenge - Day 6: Kiss

Oppss, I almost failed the challenge today..I mean yesterday.  It was such a crazy day at work and just when I got the time to breathe, the "monthly visitor" decided to pay a visit.  Now that explains why I was being moody this past weekend. And why I constantly wanted to stuff myself with chips and chocolates. Ha!  

But just like what they say, "It's better late than never!" So here I am, at almost 1am in the morning, writing my entry to this Writing My Life Challenge - Day 6.

The Kiss

It didn't particularly say what kind of kiss. So I am free to assume that this might be about that special kiss that you experienced or you might want to experience. I'd go with the former so yes, for this entry, I'd  be writing about my first kiss.

I had my first kiss 21 years ago. It happened sometime in March '94 when I was in junior high and it was with my first boyfriend. It was around 8pm, and he had just brought me home after I spent some time at their house (not for some hanky panky ha!) but to interview her Mom (who was then a school principal) for our English project.  We were outside the gate waiting for a tricycle (buhay-promdi, hahaha) and since there was no sign of one coming, we decided to walk a bit towards the kanto of our street. And then it happened.  We were right in the middle of the dark road, just below the Camachile tree (where he would say there's a kapre just to scare the hell out of me), when he turned his face towards me and kissed me.  I was so shocked I wasn't able to move.  I just stood there, with eyes closed, my whole body numb..and my lips pressed together, hard. Hahaha!  Dyaskeng bata, I even felt his tongue trying to find its way into my mouth but I just pressed my lips harder.  LOL!  When he stopped, he looked at me and he was about to say something when I turned my back and said "Goodnight!"  And then I ran going back to our house.  

I went to my room still shocked.  I feel my face burning and I felt the urge to cry. Damn, my knees were shaking too! Hahaha.  Grabe pala ang first kiss, nakakapanghina.  

Less than an hour later, he called. And he said sorry, to which I replied, "let's not talk about it."  I was not mad, but I was like more of embarrassed to talk about it.  Hahahah!  When I saw him the next day at school, I felt awkward.  Nakakahiya talaga. Buti na lang, masunurin si first boyfie...he didn't mention anything about that kiss since then.  But of course, he kissed me again..but that happened a month later.

Now, almost 22 years later, he still kisses me.  Unlimited pa, hahaha! Yes, I got married to my first first first everything. Ayiiiii!

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