Thursday, September 3, 2015

Wojooh Lipstuck Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer

So while I was away for more than a month, our friends from a number of brands continued sending me some love. How sweet!  My dear husband sends me photos of the packages he receives on my behalf and it each time, it gets me excited. When he sent me a photo of the bag which contains the Wojooh Lipstuck Lip Lacquers, I was like, "Can you send them to me right away here in PH?"  Hahaha! That was how excited I am to get them.  Why? Well, I got to try their Lipstuck when I got a sample from the June 2015 Glambox. The color's so intense and it was indeed longwearing that I promised myself to get more. 

Wow by Wojooh Lipstuck Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer
(AED 85)
When I first tried the sample that I got, I immediately fell in love. The pigmentation is so good and it went opaque in one application. These lip lacquers are marketed as matte lipcolors but they aren't the type of matte lippies that look flat.  They are matte, but not flat (-looking).  They have this subtle sheen that will let you get away from applying a separate gloss, unless of course you want a whole lot of gloss on your lips.

Sand Storm - Pink Poem - Royal Plum
Ohh, just look at those swatches!

This one's so nude I don't think I'd wear it on its own else, I'll look like I am sick or like I've seen a ghost or something. Hahaha!  I might use this shade to tone down some of my other lip lacquers which I find too loud.  But that would be so taxing no? Fine, I'll wear it as it is na lang besides Halloween is just around the corner. LOL!

Pink Poem

Now this shade's going to be my everyday work lip color! Hahahaa. Kidding!  Geesh, can anybody even sport this shade? Maybe so. But definitely not me.  It's like neon baby pink.


Believe me, I tried hard to make this shade for me.
The struggle is real.

Royal Plum
Now I can definitely say that RED is not my lip color, but PURPLE!  I think this color suits me well.  I've worn it to work and people were like, "you look so gorgeous with your lippie!"  I swear, I got compliments because of this lippie. They asked what brand it is and I showed it to them. Some even took photos of it because they said they will look for it in the mall.  I guess I won't be surprised if one day, all of us would be wearing the same shade.

What I like most about these lip lacquers is that it goes on opaque on the first application. That would mean you don't need a lot hence, a tube will last you months even when  you use it everyday.  Also, they might look as if they are drying to the lips, but really, they are not.  My lips don't feel like they're stretched or moisture is being sucked out of it.  I would still advice you to apply a lip balm, or a lip primer would be better so those lip lines will be concealed or at least be softened.
As for the staying power, it stays on for hours and I guess even for a whole day and will look as fresh as when you first applied it as long as you don't eat anything oily.
Here's a photo of my lips after wearing the Royal Plum lippie for 7 hours:
Take note that I ate an oil-based pasta for lunch and have been drinking my water from the bottle.  The lippie still looks fine to me. I just press my lips together and voila, that part where the lip color seems to fade becomes okay again.
These lip lacquers are not transfer-proof, as I can see a stain on wherever I get my lips on. But it doesn't transfer as much. I've been doing the smooch test at the back of my hand for the entire time I'm wearing the lippie and I still have color on my lips.  I guess that's how pigmented these babies are.
It comes with a doe-foot applicator with two different sides. On one side you'll see it has a small elongated hole which I think is for depositing the product on the lips while the other side is for spreading it evenly.
I've read online that they have a total of 14 shades available, but I'm not sure if everything is available here in the UAE. I would say stay away from the lighter shades and get the deeper shades instead.  My eyes are on Sugar Tan, Oud Rose (though I already have this in a sample tube), Pink Orient and Chili Fever.
So there you go, I hope you can check out these Lipstuck Lip Lacquers at a Wojooh boutique near you. And yes, it's Lipstuck, not lipstick. I had a good laugh yesterday when my husband sent me a text message saying that I might have spelled it incorrectly when I posted a photo of me wearing it.  Wow, I have my own proof-reader!

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Gellie Abogado said...

The Royal Plum shade really does look gorgeous on you! :D


Unknown said...

thanks Gellie! it's my favorite. it's such a surprise as I always go for nudes. :D

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