Sunday, October 18, 2015

Angel Schlesser Pour Elle

Do you believe in angels?  Since I was a child, I've always believed that each one of us has a guardian angel. I dunno how to explain it but there were lot of times when a sudden change of mind or remembering that I need to be elsewhere actually saved me from being in danger. Coincidence or not, I still believe that there's someone who watches over me and protects me.  I am not saying I never had an accident in my entire life ha, but on those times that I did, I feel that I could've suffered worse.  But because of my angel, it was just like a reminder that I ought to be more careful next time.

Angel Schlesser Pour Elle
Angel Schlesser Pour Elle
(AED260/ 50ml, AED350/ 100ml)

Top notes: bergamot, red berries, calendula
Heart notes: jasmine, peony, orange blossoms, apple
Base notes: benzoin, patchouli, vetiker, tonka

This fashion brand from Spain is all about being simple, minimalist and elegant while offering women a stylish wardrobe that is not only suited for their needs but at the same time give them comfort, confidence and beauty. Just like the way the brand sees how fashion should be, their perfume seems to follow suit.  Packaged in a very simple, almost masculine-looking box-shaped perfume bottle with gold colored lid, it insinuates that this perfume is suitable for very feminine women with assertive, almost commanding, personality.  

Angel Schlesser Pour Elle

One sniff and I knew that this perfume is suited for night-time use. But if you feel like being the seductive version of you at day time then by all means, wear this perfume! (wink) For me it comes off strong at first but eventually dries down to a subtle sweet, sensual scent.  I don't have a perfume that smells close to it that's why this became an instant favourite.  My husband might have loved this so much on me he just had to ask what perfume I am wearing, and even requested me to wear it on one of our date nights.  Tee-hee!  

The sillage is really good too and the scent stays on for hours!  You don't need much, just a spray on each of your pulse points and you're good for the entire day.  

I love wearing it on days when I feel and look blah..just a couple of sprays and I feel alluring and pretty already. Hahaha!  Feeling GGSS, if you know what I mean.

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