Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Grand Opening of Studio XY in Abu Dhabi

Two weeks ago, yours truly got an invite to attend the grand opening of Studio XY, a cool new salon located at the NYU Campus in Abu Dhabi. We know that ladies (and well, men too!) consider a salon as one of the best places to de-stress.  It's basically one of the places that we go to for some good "Me" time. I've been to some salons here in the UAE and I have my favorites already, but that won't stop me from checking out new places where me and my girls can spend a day pampering ourselves and getting ready for let's say, another crazy week at work. And of course, I'd be more than happy to share with you my awesome finds...be it about makeup or not.
When we arrived at the venue, we were surprised that there are actually 2 salons: Studio X for ladies and Studio Y for gents.  Cool!

Studio X Ladies Salon

When you enter the salon, first area you'd see is their Nail Services section:


They have a wide selection of nail polish brands and shades where you can choose from.
From the salon's entrance, turn left and you'll see the area for your specific hair needs:
 For hair products, they are using L'Oreal.

 They also provide tanning services and sell products from Eco Tan.
They also have an area for waxing, massage, threading and facials.
(Sorry no photo)
Now let's check out Studio Y, which is just a few steps away from Studio X:

Studio Y Mens Grooming Salon


 L'Oreal products for hair care

 Men need to have their nails groomed too!
And yes, facials!
 Studio XY offers a wide range of services and the unique feature of their service is the individual focus that is put specifically on each individual. This consideration is made possible by having two independent salons nearby one another, allowing each to address and perform to the exact measures of the client's desired style.

 my date, Riza

with Zarrah of The Bandwagon Chic
I was thinking that the place, being far from the city, won't be as accessible. But I was wrong because there is actually a lot of taxis in the area.
Congratulations, Studio XY!
Studio XY is located at the NYU Abu Dhabi Campus in Saadiyat Island. For reservations and inquiries, call +971 56 4478438.
To know more about Studio XY like deals, promotions and services they offer, check out their website and/or follow them on Instagram.

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