Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Illamasqua Earth Collection Nomadic Eyeshadow Palette

I can't remember the last time I held a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, but I'm guessing that the last was the Viseart Matte Eyeshadow palette which I ordered from DTCMakeup a year ago. (gasp) Has it been that long? Wow! 
Anyway, today I'd be talking (or writing) about this Nomadic Eyeshadow Palette from the Illamasqua Earth Collection.  It's my first time to try out products from Illamasqua and I must say I am really impressed. 
Nomadic Eyeshadow Palette
Nomadic Eyeshadow Palette
(AED 255)

Nomadic Eyeshadow Palette
Nomadic Eyeshadow Palette
The palette features 4 beautiful shades in either matte or metallic finish. The shades are: Loam (deep earth green/matte), Terra (clay red/matte), Solitude (grayish taupe/matte) and Gravity (pewter gray/metallic).

Nomadic Eyeshadow swatches
Loam - Terra - Solitude - Gravity
Take note that I didn't use any primer beneath the swatches above and yet the colors are so vibrant. 
And here's a sample look:
Nomadic Eyeshadow Makeup Look
Terra on the lid, Loam on the outer-V, Solitude on the crease topped with a bit of Gravity
Nomadic Eyeshadow Makeup Look
Nomadic Eyeshadow Makeup Look

What I Like:
Colors are very vibrant and pigmented even without a primer.
They stay put on my oily lids even without a primer.
They are not chalky.
Easy to blend.
The 4 shades can be mixed and match to come up with a variety of makeup looks.  You can even use each of the shade on its own. Just apply all over the lid and blend the edges.
What I Don't Like:
The packaging. I like that it's lightweight and it's shiny black, but I hate that I get to see my hand prints all over it.  I get so OC that I sometimes use a tissue to hold it just so it won't get marks.
It's expensive. But hey, it's Illamasqua! (wink)
I have another Illamasqua palette, the highlighting and contouring one which I am also loving and using in alternate with my Kat Von D.  Let me try telling you about that one on my upcoming posts.
So, would you mind suggesting other Illamasqua stuff that's worth checking out? I'm quite a newbie to the brand and seriously I want to get myself kicked for not checking them out sooner.  Let me know!

Disclaimer: Product was provided as a press sample but as always, my reviews are my own and not in any way influenced by how the product was acquired.

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Maita Bobis said...

Beautiful EOTD. Comparing it to Viseart matte ES, which do you prefer?

Brigitte Santos said...

I'd say Viseart Matte ES sis Maita since it has a lot of shades... :) quality is the same, but with the price and the number of pans in the palette, i'd go for Viseart

Maita B said...

Thank you Brigitte, I'm an avid reader of yours. I really love the looks you create, super hanga ako, mas maganda pa sa mga MUA ng mga artista, no bola. I hope you will never stop from blogging because I check your blogs everyday.
I really would like to ask about your opinion on UD Naked, I bought Sleek Vintage Romance and I'm super happy with it, I thought start with low end makeups before going to high end since I'm still learning. Then I wanted to buy UD Naked 3 for my 4 girls since lagi silang may school affairs, but the other day na-try ko ung UD Naked 2 ng pamangkin ko and parang hindi ako solve parang mas maganda pa ang color selections and pay off ng Sleek. What is your honest opinion on this? Thank you and more power.

Brigitte Santos said...

hi again sis Maita.I would say, whatever works for you then stick with it. I haven't tried Sleek's eyeshadows but I have Naked 2 and I like it. It's okay naman to explore other brands but just be ready to be disappointed just in case you would end up not liking them. Magastos na pageexplore, I know. Hahaha! But if you're saying okay naman si sleek sayo, then keri na yan. If you want to go for neutrals, I can suggest si Viseart palette. I have the matte neutrals and I love it. Viseart has a number of eyeshadow palettes you can choose from, may mga colorful din sila. They are easy to blend and they stay put, even without primer. ;)

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