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My First Spa Experience in UAE: Namm Spa in Dusit Thani Dubai

And just like that, it's a Sunday once again. While my friends back in PH are still enjoying their weekend, and maybe spending time with their friends and family at the cemetery because today is what we call Undas, I am on the other hand is back to work.  I did had a great weekend though. We had some friends from PH who were here for a convention and we brought them to a desert safari. Unlike my first experience which is a total "blah," I really had a great time this time around. We really felt like we were in a roller coaster ride.  Kudos to our driver who have been doing it for more than 10 years so I guess, he can do it even with his eyes closed.
I had a full day last Friday: hubby's basketball game around noon, desert safari from late afternoon until around 9pm and a get together with another circle of friends until around 3am.  I usually just spend weekends at home, but it's nice to have some activities from time to time. 
One thing that I miss doing or having though, is a good massage.  When I was in PH, I try to have a massage at least once a week.  I usually have it done around midweek, sometimes every weekend. Of course I prefer having it done in the weekend as it really helps me get ready for another crazy work week.  So when I was planning for our wedding anniversary hotel staycation months ago, one deciding factor is the availability of a spa in the hotel itself.  And so I'm just so glad Dusit Thani has one (more about our hotel stay here), the Namm Spa.
Namm Spa Dusit Thani Dubai

Namm Spa Dusit Thani Dubai

Namm Spa Dusit Thani Dubai
Namm Spa
(Mezzanine Floor, Dusit Thani Dubai)
Namm, pronounced “nahm”, is a Thai word that signifies “water” - the most essential element of life that offers many healing applications both inside out and outside in.

Namm Spa Dusit Thani Dubai

The place has a simple, minimalist look and their color scheme of soft blue and white is as just relaxing as their own name, Namm Spa.
As soon as the hubby and I stepped inside, a kabayan receptionist welcomed us. As we were waiting for our appointment, she handed us some forms which we needed to fill out. I told her that I had an operation last July so if it is possible to get a Swedish massage instead of Thai. She said she needs to ask her manager first because she thinks it's too soon for me to have a massage.  I kept my fingers crossed as I was really looking forward to the experience. Heck, I think the last massage that I had was almost a year ago and that was in PH. Good thing the manager herself, Thunya, came back with the receptionist and informed me that all is good.  Yay!
Namm Spa Dusit Thani Dubai 
Third one from the left is Turmeric, which my husbands loves to have for tea,  is also known to have loads of benefits for beauty and overall health.
Each guest is given a pair of comfy slippers to change with...
...a towel to freshen up with and hot tea to help warm up before the massage

Inside the couple's room:

The room is also a minimalist in design, has an ambient music playing in the backgroun and is dimly-lit, I just had to turn up the lights so I can take photos. We were asked to if we want to take a shower first, to which we said No because we just took a shower before we checked out of our hotel room.
Shower Room
Both of us were given disposable undies to change in to, but it was only me who did. The hubby was too shy to wear it.  Hahaha! 
Both hubby and I got the 1hr Swedish massage.  My therapist have been so careful not to put much pressure on me but I still had one great massage nevertheless. I was able to doze off for a good 10 minutes until I was ask to flip over on my back.  I think my husband had one hell of a good massage because he'd been snoring almost the entire time. LOL!  And of course, he denied it after.

Me and the hubby with the spa manager, Thunya

Overall, both hubby and I liked and enjoyed the experience. It was my first spa experience in the UAE and it didn't disappoint. Everybody has been so warm and accommodating.  The place is spic-and-span and you instantly feel relaxed as soon as you step in. Their therapists are also good, they can manage to change the pressure they apply on you depending on how your body reacts to it. You don't even need to say a word. 

We didn't try their Thai massage but I'm thinking that since their therapists are Thai, they might be really good at it. Well, Thai or not, they should be good. Yes!?

Thunya said that their Abu Dhabi branch is bigger and it's where they offer some packages which includes their thermal steam and milk bath. I wish they will offer it too in their Dubai branch.  I will check out their Abu Dhabi branch soon and avail a spa package which will give me the ultimate pampering experience. I wish their milk bath comes with rose petals, as it's always been my dream to experience that. Hahaha!  I've been so stressed and have been worrying about a lot of things lately that I think I deserve some grand "me-time."

To know more about Namm Spa and the services they offer, please click here.

The service was complimentary.  But as always, my review is based on my experience and not in any way influenced by the PR or the brand, or in this case, by Namm Spa.

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