Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Product Spotlight: Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation
(AED 210)

When Make Up Forever came up with their original HD foundation a few years back, I had to make sure I have at least 3 shades of it (light, medium and dark) in my makeup kit.   If you also do make up on other people, I'm sure you'd understand why. (wink) I mostly use that foundation on weddings because it never fails to give me that naturally flawless look and airbrushed finish on and off camera. I had so many clients who ended up buying that foundation because they loved the effect on them. And I really can't blame them.  I used it too, but not for long. Not because I ended up liking it less, but because I have lots of other foundations to try and use.  #beautybloggerproblems

So when I got the invitation to attend the launch of their improved HD foundation which they now called Ultra HD Foundation, I know I won't dare miss it for the world. And today, I am finally sharing with you my thoughts.
But first let me scare you with my bare-faced photos: 

As you can see, my skin is FAAAR from being perfect. I have a lot of pigmentations, pimple scars, redness and the surface of my skin isn't smooth.

And here's after one layer of the foundation:

 Magic, yes!?

Skin looks airbrushed and even.  I've used just one layer and it has practically concealed my problem spots.  I only used a separate concealer on the under eyes and then I applied another layer of the foundation on areas where I have most of the pigmentations and scars. For the photos above, I used a buffing brush from Real Techniques. But on some days, I also use a damp Beauty Blender.

What I Like:
It feels light on the skin.
Easy to apply and it blends seamlessly onto the skin.
It doesn't settle into fine lines, pores or wrinkles. Thanks to its hyaluronic spheres which makes skin look plump and provide the skin with comfortable wear.
It has medium coverage but can be layered should you need more coverage. And no matter how much you pile up, it won't look cakey.
It dries up to a matte finish that doesn't look flat. It's matte but it has this subtle, natural-looking luminous finish.
It works fine on both dry and oily skins. I am extremely oily but this works for me, provided I have a primer underneath.
It has a wide shade selection. If you are using their original HD foundation before, you might find an equivalent shade in this new range.  I'm a 120 in their original formulation and its exact equivalent in this new range is Y245.
Skin looks naturally flawless, on and off camera.  
Flash photography-friendly.
I've been using it on and off for months now and I didn't experience any allergic reactions.
A little goes a long way, so I'm pretty sure this bottle will last you months even when used everyday.

What I Don't Like:
It's not as long-wearing as I would want it to be. This product does not promise that anyways, but using a primer would help if you are really oily.  
It's expensive. But since this product is so good, it's totally worth it.
The cap doesn't stay put.  I've placed this foundation inside my bag and each time, the cap gets loose.  Hopefully they would do something about the cap or at least prevent it from being pumped by locking or unlocking it when you turn the nozzle.

Here are some more (selfie) photos to show how amazing this foundation is:

So what do you think. Isn't this foundation the bomb or what?
Have you tried this? Any thoughts?

By the way, I also have the Stick Foundation and will review that soon.

Disclaimer: Product was provided as a press sample but as always, my reviews are my own and not in any way influenced by how the product was acquired.

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Marielle Francisco said...

Beautiful! the result is just flawless. And I like your makeup, too!

Brigitte Santos said...

thanks Marielle :)

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