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Tried and Tested: Kaya Skin Clinic Aqua Radiance

The last time I had a facial was last August and that was when I was still in PH.  It's been a while yes, but you see I can be quite picky when it comes to entrusting my skin to a facial clinic. I mean, aren't we all?  Well I guess not everybody, but seriously, we should all be. 
So when I got the chance to try out a facial treatment from Kaya Skin Clinic, I didn't think twice. Not because I know I'd be getting the service for free, but because they are known to be one of the trusted skincare clinics here in the UAE. As a blogger, I also sometimes get an invite to try out skin treatments but I don't always say "Yes."  You might think I'm being a diva, but I am definitely not. I'm just being careful as I don't want to be just grabbing anything free that comes my way and then end up being sorry or ranting online when it doesn't turn out good.  And remember, it's my skin we are dealing with here.  I'm sure you'd do the same.
Anyway going back to the treatment, I chose to go for the Kaya Aqua Radiance. I chose it because it kinda reminded me of the Oxygen Facial that I always go for whenever I visit my derma back in PH. The latter really helps make my skin glow and look rejuvenated, and that's exactly what I need now that stress is taking its toll on my skin.
For the clinic branch, I decided to go to the Abu Dhabi Mall branch with their clinic located at the Ground Floor.





 For inquiries and reservations, give them a call at 02 6435030
Prices of their treatments are not posted on their website but no worries because they will be more than glad to provide you with that info plus other concerns you might have.


the hall going to the consultation and treatment rooms
One of the treatment rooms:

My appointment was at 630PM but I decided to come in 15minutes earlier. 'twas actually a good thing because you'd need to fill out some customer information forms regarding your skin condition, current/past treatment and medical records.
yours truly with makeup on
I took the initiative of taking off my eye makeup (plus my falsies) because what usually happens when I get a facial somewhere is that I end up with still a bit of makeup on my eye area. I'm thinking it's because the skin therapist is scared that she's putting on too much pressure just to have my waterproof eye makeup removed.  In the past, I've ended up looking like a panda because my mascara and my liner have smeared. And so since then, I spare them (and me as well) the agony. I even bring my own waterproof eye makeup remover. LOL!  I'm glad that Kaya Skin Clinic has one.

all laid down and ready for my skin treatment
1. First step was the cleansing.  I forgot to ask what exactly they used to cleanse my face. It smelled so good and it didn't leave my skin feeling stretchy or dried up.
2. The facial massage.  This is the one thing that I look forward to when I'm getting facials.  It just feels so relaxing and my skin instantly looks refreshed. Well, facial massage is important to get the blood circulation going and that helps in keeping the skin looking healthy and radiant.

I know it's hard to see because of the photo quality and the lighting, but I just love how my skin looks glowing right after a facial massage.
3. Next is the using of a jet spray machine (photo below)
for the actual aqua radiance treatment. The machine was used on me twice: 1) for lymphatic drainage and 2) deep cleansing or exfoliation.
...but first, I must do a selfie
During the initial use of the machine, she used a combination of saline water and oxygen.  On the second time, the water was mixed with vitamins and minerals. I kinda expected the actual spraying process to be a bit painful but it really wasn't. On the contrary, it was cooling and absolutely soothing I really felt like my pores were being unclogged and being cleansed from all the makeup I've been putting on my skin on almost  daily basis.
My skin therapist let me try how it feels on my hands first before using it on my face, just so I would know what to expect.  It was actually tickling at first, most especially with all that cool air coming out of the spray nozzle. I tried hard not to let out a giggle. Hahaha!

skin feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated
4. Time for comedone extraction!
This is what I hate the most, the extraction.  I exfoliate 2-3x a week and I use my Clarisonic every night but I think with all the junk I am putting on my face, my skin still needs some good 'ole extraction.  I usually end up looking really red after a facial but not with Kaya. My facialist had been so gentle with me, constantly asking if the pressure is okay, but still managed to get rid of that nasty comedones most especially on my nose area.

I still look okay after the extraction, right!?
As you can see on the photo above, I have a pimple on my forehead and on my chin but my facialist didn't touch them. She advised on having them injected instead so they will flatten in no time.   Yes my loves, no pricking of pimples!
5. After extraction is the applying of a toner and serum (vitamins) on my face

6.  Face mask for 15 minutes. I wanted to take a photo but my eyes were covered too, so apologies for not having a photo. The feeling was so relaxing that I fell asleep. Hahaha.
7. After removing the face mask, sunblock was applied all over my face. It was already 8pm so it's really unnecessary, but it's fine. 

yours truly after the treatment

For the first time after getting a facial, I didn't look like a monster! Hahahaa.  I was looking a bit flushed most especially on the cheeks area but it was gone after half an hour. I was told I can wash my face but no need to use a cleanser and that I can skip my usual skin regimen for a night.  No makeup allowed for the next 10-12hrs too. 

I highly recommend the treatment for those who are in need of a good hydration and deep cleansing.  I for one despite having an oily skin was told that my skin was actually dehydrated so when I was asked what service I would want to try, I went for the Aqua Radiance.   I didn't experience any skin irritations after the treatment and it has been two weeks since I had it.  Right after the treatment, you'd see a nice glow on your skin. It's the kind of glow you'd see after having a good workout. This just means that the blood on your face has circulated well and your skin has been thoroughly cleansed. I don't think this is achievable by just doing your usual cleansing routine so I decided that I'll be getting this treatment every month.  Price is not cheap, I think it's priced at AED600 but would you scrimp on skincare?  I won't. 

To know more about Kaya Skin Clinic and the services that they offer, please check the Kaya Skin Clinic website and their Facebook page at  You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: Treatment was provided for free but as always, my reviews are my own and not in any way influenced by the PR or the brand.

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Mommy Rockin' In Style said...

My face is always turned red after a facial session and the extraction, ahhh tiis ganda talaga hehehe. Would love to try their services!

Brigitte Santos said...

Hahaha...usually, same case with me madali kasi ako talga mamula. what I really like about the way they do their extraction is that magaan ang kamay and yet, nalilinis talaga nila. and for a change, hindi ako naiyak habang extraction LOL..

Try them sis, they have a lot of other services too :)

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