Wednesday, December 23, 2015


It's almost Christmas...just two days away and honestly, I don't feel like being festive.  I am going through A LOT these past weeks and as much as I want to say I am okay, I just can't. 
How can one be okay when that one person whom you thought would stay with you no matter what just decided to drop everything that has got to do with you and just move on?  How can one be okay when you're told right in your face that he's in love with someone else and that he can't be with you anymore.  How can one be okay when despite everything you still want to hold on and fight for him, but he has given up already...given up on you and given up on the idea of you two being together.
We've been thru a hell lot.  Our relationship is far from being perfect. But despite that, we still find ourselves back together.  And I know we can still get through this, this time. But like what he said, things just happened. It was so fast it was like everything happened in a blink of an eye. And now, he wants to take a chance with someone else because he had enough of us.  I was hoping he would reconsider and think about our love for another...but what's to think about when his love for her is much greater than what he has for me.
It really, really hurts. 
I am not posting this here to make people hate him.  He has gone thru a lot too...and yes maybe, for him it's really time to just let go.  He said he wants to heal from all I've put him through.  I do to...but as husband and wife, I know we can do this together.  But he doesn't want me in the picture anymore. 
It hurts so much I feel like dying.  Each day I find it harder to breathe and accept that the man I've been with for 22 years decided to finally let go. I wanted to keep him, and stay with him. But I know it's not what he wants. I love him so much that there's no other way but to let him go and let him pursue whatever it is or whoever that makes him happy right now.  I wish I'd be that one, but I am not.
If you took time to read this post, thank you very much. Please pray for us, that we'd be able to get through this.  Together or not, we both deserve to be happy.  But I'd be a hypocrite not to ask you to please pray that we'll still end up together. I love him so much...I am willing to put all of these behind and start a new. I know it's been too long already, but it's never too late.  I know it's not.  But maybe it is for him because he already lost his love for me.
I can't promise that I'd still be able to post on this blog.  I will try my best. For now, I just don't feel like doing so.  Things get harder for me everyday. I know I'll get through this, but it will take time. Besides, it's not every day that you get to lose someone you love so I hope you would understand.  And I know you would.
Sorry for spoiling your holidays with this post.  I just need to let this out.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Movie Review: A Second Chance

Who has gone MIA again?
Anyway, let's go on to my first movie review here on my blog.  And since this is a Tagalog movie, I'll probably end up writing in Tagalog. 
The A Second Chance movie is the sequel to the movie One More Chance shown 8 years ago. Grabe, I still remember how hard it was for me to hold back my tears when we were in the cinema. I watched it with my husband, who was then my ex (we broke up early that year) and sobra akong nakarelate. Pero, I see myself more in Popoy.
I believe in 2nd chances, kaya sobrang patok sakin ang movie. I think if aside from the fact that you love that person, and you think he or she is worthy of another chance then by all means, give him/her that chance. Kahit maraming chances pa.
Now about this movie. Honestly, I didn't like it that much.  I had high expectations and I actually thought mas mapapaiyak ako ng movie. It didn't. I even ended up laughing on one of the scenes where JLC went home drunk after a session with his friend and ended up sounding like Budoy (a telenovela starred by Gerald Anderson).  I think that was the scene that my friend referred to as ang OA ni JLC. For me it wasn't really OA, di ko lang type how he delivered the lines.  JLC fans, please don't hate me.
Like the first movie, naka-relate din naman ako sa story. Sobrang feel ko yung Popoy would resort to being grumpy and detached para lang maitago ang totoo kay Basha.  I can so relate yung kahit anong gawin ni Basha, mali.  At grabe sakit sa puso when Popoy said na sana hindi na lang sila nagkabalikan. Sobrang aray yun ha.  Trust me, ang sakit sakit yung pagsisihan na binalikan ka pa.  Sniff.  Can relate din ako when they decided to stay together pero they had a hard time going back to how they were used to be. Magkasama nga sila pero ang cold naman nila sa isa't isa. (Aray ko!)  Sakin kasi if two people decide to stay together and work out the relationship, they should really try their best and not let anger, hate or disgust get in their way. Mashado mahirap for Popoy yung iparamdam ni Basha na yes magkasama tayo pero hindi na tulad ng dati. (Aray Ko ulit)
They sort of separated when Basha went back to her family and Popoy decided to grab the work opportunity in London. But in the end, they still got back together. Doon ako medyo naiyak when they were both reminiscing their wedding day and their vows.   Kasi ganon naman, if you really love each other, you don't give up. It's gonna be hard picking up the broken pieces but as long as you still love each other, pagtutulungan nyo. Kahit gaano pa kahirap. I am not saying you hold on to your promises just because you are married.  What I am saying is that as long as there is love, then work things out.  But of course, it's different pag wala na ang Love. 
Overall, I liked the movie but not that much.  Mas gusto ko pa din ang unang movie.  Please don't hate me. Hehehe. Anyways, people say that if may asawa ka makakarelate ka sa movie and that's true. And pag single ka, matatakot ka daw mag-asawa. Hahaha, no naman.  People have different stories.  Sa mag-asawa, dapat laging open communication and treat each other as a partner.  Kelangan magtulungan, lagi mag-uusap and no matter how busy life can be, always remember to have time to rediscover each other. 
Wish ko lang, love story ko ganito din maging ending. 
But right now, I highly doubt it.


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