Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Travels: Armenia and Georgia

Oh yes, I am still alive...and kicking! I know I've been MIA for more than a month and if you've read my last post, you pretty much have an idea of what I've been and still going thru.

I'm doing fine, though I still get a bit emotional on some days...but as compared to how I was a month ago, I can say I am doing better.  I am still hurting, yes, but I really don't have much choice these days but to accept that these things have happened and that I need to move on.  Move on and hope for the best.  For those who sent me messages after reading my last post, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Most of you I haven't met personally, but you took time to give me words of encouragement.  Thank you for including me in your prayers. I am really, really thankful for making me feel that I am not alone in this ordeal after all.

So last month, I finally ticked off an item from my bucket list: I finally traveled solo!  I visited two countries: Armenia with friends and then Georgia, where I went alone. I really had an amazing time.  My friends I went to Armenia with kept on checking on me while I was in Georgia. Well, they know I am all feeling broken and hurt and maybe they were scared that might end up burying myself in snow. LOL!  

By the way, before I start showing you some photos, I just want to give a shout out to Connie and her family, whom I met at the Yerevan airport.  I was waiting for my turn to have my passport stamped with Armenia visa when Connie came up to me and introduced herself. She said she's a reader of my blog and that she was able to read my last post. She said she will pray for me and that hopes everything will be alright soon. I almost cried after meeting her. First, it's always makes me feel good to meet my readers and second, there's another person who's praying for me. And that matters, A LOT.  Thanks, Connie! 'Twas so nice meeting you. And as promised, I will try to go back to blogging and hopefully will start talking about beauty again.

Okay, before I go crying again...here are some photos taken during my vacation:

goofing around while waiting to board the plane going to Yerevan

Just arrived at the airport in Yerevan

The gang is now ready to go around the city

 First order of business is to have dinner at The Club where we sampled Steak on a Stone, the restaurant's specialty.

Steak on the Stone

We were actually surprised to see that it's still raw when served. You then need to slice it as fast as you can while the stone is hot so it will be cooked. Nakakastress actually, pero enjoy!

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