Hiyee, my name is Brigitte.  I used to work in the IT industry and for years, I've been juggling between my day job, blogging and being a freelance makeup artist. I am Pinay (and proud of it) and now I am based here in sunny Dubai!  I arrived here September 2013 and still getting the knack of being a stay-at-home wifey. Now that I'm not yet working, I have this  blog to get myself busy with and well, learn new things like cooking!  I can only cook Pinoy food for now though, but let's see where my love for food will take me.

I'll be writing mostly about makeup (features, reviews, looks, etc) though there would be non-beauty related posts from time to time.  My blogging started with my love for makeup and I don't think I'm ready to let that go just yet.  I am actually a late bloomer when it comes to makeup and probably the first "kikay" stuff I got to use are the oil-blotting sheets from Shiseido. (laughs)  I didn't imagine that I'll be so into makeup, as I've always thought that I look gay whenever I wear makeup back in the days.  I started with foundations, then blushes and only resorted to brow pencils and mascaras for eye makeup.  I used to think that my eyes were too strong for makeup.  Until I met the one that started my "addiction" to makeup...mineral eyeshadows.  And so the rest is history.

All reviews on this blog are based on my experience.  Please do take note that products that work for me may or may not work for you.  Products/services that are featured/reviewed here are paid by me, unless specified.  Regardless of how the products/services are acquired, rest assured that my reviews will remain true and honest, and will not be in any way influenced by a PR or brand.

For advertising needs, collaborations or if you want to send me product/s for review or featured posts, please send me an email at admin@iambrigitte.com.  I think I'd still do makeup on clients too so you can also shoot me an email to inquire about my rates.  Don't hesitate to email me as well if you have any requests (reviews, makeup looks) or if you just want to say hello.  I would love to hear from you!


Balbina Limpot said...

Hello Brigitte I am proud of you. I am Gen Gen I am very interested about Gloww vitamins I took this vitamin when I was in Philippines but now I am in Australia I don't know where can I buy this online.Can you help me?

Brigitte said...

Hi Balbina, check out this site http://www.megawecare.lk/glow/ I was able to confirm with GLOWW PH that this is indeed the same product we have in PH. :)

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